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Answers are as short as possible with as few variations as possible. Try key words eg for they went into space try "space". There may be a follow up quiz, there may not.
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Where is the Big Bang Theory set?
Who is the tall, thin lead character?
Who is his short room-mate with glasses?
Who is the lead and blonde female?
Who is their Jewish friend?
Who is his close friend?
Who is the close friend's sister?
Who works with the blonde lead female?
Who does she get engaged to?
Who is involved with the lead male?
Who is the doctor who temporarily becomes McCoy?
Who is the lead male's arch nemesis? (male)
Who is the lead male's arch nemesis? (female)
Who is the lead male's attractive sister?
Who is the lead male's arch nemesis off a sci-fi series?
Which other actor from the same sci-fi series replaces him as an arch nemesis?
Who is the lead female's big ex-boyfriend?
Whose mum do we always hear but never see?
Whose mum is religious?
Whose mum is most like the lead male?
What is her name?
Which female scientist do two of the males sleep with?
Who is allergic to peanuts?
Who is lactose intolerant?
Who cannot speak to women unless he is drunk or on medication?
Which 80s and 90s comedy do three of the cast appear in?
Name the oldest ('real' name)
Name the second oldest ('real' name)
Name the youngest ('real' name)
Who owns the comic book store?
When he goes out with the lead female, what does she say that ends their dating?
Which night is 'comic book night' ?
Which institution do the four lead males work at?
Where do two of the female leads work?
Which sci-fi character does the lead male worship?
What hand game does he lead male come up with, a variation?
What do the four male friends buy off e-bay, a full size prop from a classic film?
How much did it cost
What other film prop do they fight over posession of?
Which night becomes 'anything can happen...............' night?
Who has his 'spot' on the sofa, coordinates 0-0-0-0
Who does the lead male think should be on top of the Christmas Tree?
From what pagan festival does the tradition of putting up trees come?
Where do the males go on an expedition to?
To prove what theory?
And what would they discover to prove it?
In what language do they play Boggle?
What is the name of the 'killer robot' the male friends create?
And whose robot destroys it?
Who has an unfortunate trip to the hospital because of a robotic arm?
Althea at the hospital played Viola Smith or 'Vy' in which 90s comedy?
Which character was title lead in her own comedy in the 90s?
What was it called?
Which character cannot drive?
For whom did that character have to drive when they had an accident?
Where did they have the accident?
When in court for a traffic violation, who does the driver miss meeting?
What device for measuring their friendship and why they like him does the lead male create?
In what pattern does one friend complete multiple choices?
In the friend's essay, what 'taking over' does he suggest would increase his chances of making friends?
And what food substance do they appear on?
What star sign is the lead female?
For believing in what does she get mocked/ridiculed?
What does she buy a LOT of?
What online game does she get hooked on?
What nickname does she get tagged with for that?
What does she say that makes the lead male ask what it stands for?
What famously ends up in a ditch?
What light flashes to the annoyance of the lead male?
Whose fines does the lead female pay which means she has to borrow money?
Who does she borrow it from?
What protects his hidden money?
In whose backside are there two $50s?
To what party do they all go and win first prize for group costume?
Where is it held?
What would the males have gone as instead of the Justice League of America?
Who is mightily impressive as Superman?
What prop does Wonder Woman not want to wear?
Who is the compere dressed as?
When the lead male has to ditch a friend, who is 'out' ?
And why is he eventually 'back in' ?
What game do the university staff take part in?
At what time does the lead male move his bowels?
How does everyone know this?
Who do the male friends see on a train?
When the room-mates are burgled, what does one run to check hasn't been stolen?
He asks when do whom arrive?
Where does the lead male (almost) move to?
What reason does he give for not being crazy?
At what age did he go to college?
At whom does he say 'Vengeance is a dish best served cold' in Klingon?
At what card game are they competing?
What card does the lead male play to 'throw' the game?
And what card is then played that kills this card?
What does his 'Memaw' call him?
To what sci-fi robot is the lead male compared?
What sci-fi series does the lead male hate?
What song do they sing when people are sick/homesick/hurt?
To whom does the lead male give a paper with an arithmetic mistake?
The lead male also passes out doing what that makes him compared to a big salami?

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