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QUIZ: Can you name the Buffy season one trivia (one question for each episode)?

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'Welcome to the Hellmouth'- What is the name of the blonde girl in the teaser?
'The Harvest'- Who becomes the Vessel?
'Witch'- Who is the real witch?
'Teacher's Pet'- What is the first teacher's name?
'Never Kill a Boy on the First Date'- Which poet is Owen's 'security blanket'?
'The Pack'- What is the pig's name?
'Angel'- Who does the Master send to kill Buffy?
'I Robot... You Jane'- What is Moloch's screen name?
'Puppet Show'- Who is the first to be killed?
'Nightmares'- What come out of Wendell's book?
'Out of Mind, Out of Sight'- What is the third message? (After 'Look' and 'Listen')
'Prophecy Girl'- What colour is Buffy's dress?

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