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Last WordsCharacterGame
'I think I have drunk too much! Oh! Shiiiii-'
'Attention, binomials of the UG! Introducing your new Composer. His ME!'
'Even that life you thought you had, that was something I dreamed up and had tattooed inside your head. Now, if you don't call that family, I don't know what is. And now-'
'The spirit of the warrior...will always be with you. Don't be sad...we'll meet again some day.'
'Nooo! Charlemagne! I have failed you...'
'I trusted you, Tommy. I woulda had you made!'
'EEYARGH! It can't be! Impossible!!! I... No... How could I... And to this filthy little pair! HOW COULD I LOSE?????'
'It will be YOUR land! I have scattered the seeds of the future...'
Last WordsCharacterGame
'Carve my farewell song on my grave...I'm depending on you to help that singer girl...'
'See you in my dreams!'
'Lilia...I can hear and your mother...singing’s so beautiful.....................'
'Nooooo! Wrong side! Tell Mildred I love h...'
'P-Please...For the future of'
'I could have been...immortal.'
'I'm sorry we never got to see the end of your...sto...ry...'
'Just try it, you Scandinavian freak!'

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