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What country is Greenland part of?
What chess piece makes an L-shaped move?
Which city has the world's largest castle complex?
Who devised the towering framework that supports the The Statue of Liberty?
What is the Japanese name for Japan?
What addiction-inducing crop did Christopher Columbus discover in Cuba in 1492?
What cheese is served with a Greek salad?
What type of cloud can form a tornado?
What country did bagels originate in?
Who is the lead singer of the band, Wham!?
Which country of Europe is called the land of humane bullfights: where the bulls are not killed?
What city did the band U2 form in?
What is the maiden name of former first lady Betty Ford?
What was the first Lifesaver flavor?
What comedian was a drummer in the early days of the band Steely Dan?
What organ is inflamed by Hepatitis?
Which political party was former Prime Minister Tony Blair the leader of?
The geothermal spa 'Blue Lagoon' is located in what country?
What is the name for a baby crocodile?
Which country did the first European settlers of New York come from?
Which mountain range separates Spain from France?
In what 1950 film was the line 'Alright, Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up' spoken?
What is the world's widest river?
How much Monopoly money do you collect for finishing second in a beauty contest?
Which city is the only one located on two continents?
What is the term for a bet before cards are dealt?
Which female appeared on the 1999 US dollar coin?
What is January's birthstone?
What was The Police's biggest selling single?
Who directed Reservoir Dogs?

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