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Cellulose walls, Primary plastids (chlorophyll a & b), Carotenoids, Starch food storage
Distinguished by: 2 Posterior flagella, cruciate microtubules, phycoplast, haploid semelparity
Division in which cell walls grow from outside in between microtubules
Cells that reproduce once and die
Two synapomorphies: Phragmoplast, and Rosette proteins. Allowed for haploid iteroparity.
Cell wall forms from inside out; allows intercellular communication
Endoplasmic reticulum sandwiched between cells wall of adjacent cells
Allow for apical growth
Ability to reproduce multiple times
Gametangia that produce egg
Gametangia that produce sperm
Identical gametes
differentiated gametes
Liver worts, horn worts, and mosses
Developed to prevent water loss, but reduced gas/water exchange
Synapomorphy of stomatal complex/diploid photsynthesis
Immediate meiosis after fertilization
Delayed meisos for creation of sporophyte
Sporic Meiosis: Synapomorphy at what level
Structure that produces haploid spores
Delayed meiosis produces a
Diplod iteroparity: how
Diploid iteroparity: when
Vascular tissues: when
Hardened vascular tissue for water transport (wood)
Compound that hardens water transporting vascular tissue
Soft tissue for food transport
Increasing sporophyte complexity led to
Megaphylls: how (4 steps)
Megaphylls: when
Gametophytic convergent leaves in mosses
Aborted sporangia in lycopods (convergent leaves)
Spores from same gametophyte (low diversity)
Differentiated spores
Heterospory: when
Small sporangia make
Large sporangia make
Large sporangia are large because they are filled with
Parent puts large amount of nourishment to offspring
Covering on megasporangia
Integument covered megasporangia
Ovules: when
Fertilized megaspores develop and fall to the ground, becoming
Flower parts are all
Flowers are possible due to
Flowers and Fruits: when
Fusion of microsporangia became
Leaves with fused microsporangia
Leaves with attached ovules
Megasporophylls roll up to become
The fusion of carpels was thought to have formed the modern flower's
What process moved flower parts together
Petal color developed to attract insects to aid in
What germinates and grows in angiosperms to fertilize egg
Megagametophytes inside ovules are also called
Two ovaries fertilized by one sperm to create this nutrient storage apparatus

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