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Phyla: No true tissues; sessile; Many celled mesohyle
Central cavity of sponge
Hole in top of spongocoel where water flows out
The act of collecting food through passing water
Flagellated choanocytes that control water flow in sponges
Unspecialized sponge cells in mesohyle are called
Oldest lineage with true tissues
Radial symmetry; cnidocytes; floating and sessile forms; gastrovascular cavities
Sessile form of Cnidarians
Floating for of Cnidarians
Cells containing coiled venomous harpoons (nematocysts)
Comb Jellies that resemble cnidarian medusas
Adhesive structures on Ctenophore tentacles that secrete sticky threads to capture prey
Defined by bilateral symmetry and triploblastic development
Dorsoventrally flattened worms; many parasitic; acoelomates; gastrovascular cavities
Phyla that posses a lophophore or go through a trochophore larvae stage
Horseshoe shaped suspension feeding organ
Phyla that possess soft bodies and hard shells; 3 part body plan; mostly marine
Mollusc body plan Part 1
3 - where pearl is formed with secretions
Phyla: Segmented worms; fused ringed bodies
Group with chitinous exoskeletons and that must molt
Non-segmented, cylindrical worms; pseudocoelomates
Perhaps most successful phyla; segmented; strong exoskeleton; jointed appendages
Fusion of body segments
Compound eyes
Circulation of hemolymph into tissues and organs
Tubules to remove nitrogenous waste in arthropods
Chtinous exoskeleton may be called

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