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Can you name the Important Facts of the Federal Reserve?

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Who is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve?
How is money transferred?
A recent method used to transfer money 
What is the group in charge of the Reserve called?
How many Federal Reserve Districts are there?
group that makes the key decisions affecting the cost and availability of money and credit in the economy called?
Who sets reserve requirements?
What Act states that companies are not allowed to descriminate anyone applying for credit?
Who raises interest rates to regulate money supply?
Who is the Federal Reserve's biggest 'client'?
Who shares the responsibility with the Reserve Banks for discount rate policy?
What limits the amount of money lent out to company executives?
Who lowers interest rates because there is more money in circulation?
Does the Federal Reserve have the authority to buy all sorts of assets (commercial paper, corporate bonds, mortgage loans, etc.)?
Who is in charge of the Reserve Requirment?
What is the current rate of the Reserve Requirement?
What is the discount rate?
If the country is about to go into a recession what will the Federal Reserve do?
What carry out the Fed's policies at a regional level?
Who meets in Washington D.C. to make monetary policy decisions?
What is a one-time written order that instructs a financial institution to transfer funds to another account?

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