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QUIZ: How well do you know Westeros?

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Infamous Targaryen ConquererA
House Sigil is a Flayed ManB
Wildling who Inbred with his DaughtersC
Mother of DragonsD
Continent across the Narrow SeaE
House Sigil is of 'The Twins'F
The MountainG
Capital of The Reach, Seat of House TyrellH
Islands ruled by House GreyjoyI
Beloved King, successor of King RobertJ
Capital of The Seven KingdomsK
Squire to former King, Robert BaratheonL
House Sigil is a golden spear piercing a red sunM
The Sword of Arya StarkN
Bisexual Dornish Prince known as 'The Viper'O
The Squire of Tyrion LannisterP
Free City ruled by 'The 13'Q
Youngest son of Ned and Catelyn StarkR
Arya's Dancing TeacherS
Father of Tywin LannisterT
Eunuch Soldiers trained in AstoporU
Eunuch Master of WhispersV
Words of House GreyjoyW
Member of The Qarth 13X
Wildling lover of Jon SnowY

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