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Can you name the Game of Thrones A to (Y!) Part 2!

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Targaryen Maester of The Night's WatchA
Bay in which most of Stannis Baratheons' Naval Fleet was destroyed by Tyrion LannisterB
Character portrayed by Lena HeadeyC
A race of savage warriors who fight on horsebackD
The Impregnable Seat of House ArrynE
The Fourth book in the Franchise, Released in 2005F
Daughter of Craster who flees with Samwell TarlyG
Words of House LannisterH
Former House Sword of the Stark Family until its' destruction under the orders of Tywin LannisterI
Career given to the former Knight Ser Dontos the Red after he shows up drunk at Joffrey's name dayJ
Northern House whose Sigil is a white sun on a black backgroundK
Direwolf belonging to Sansa Stark executed by Eddard StarkL
The Lord of Highgarden and House TyrellM
Dornish warrior Queen who shares a name with Arya Stark's DirewolfN
Words of House BaratheonO
Lord of Harrenhal and former Master of Coin on the King's Small CouncilP
Senior Ranger on The Night's Watch, killed by Jon SnowQ
The King In The NorthR
A Bastard from the NorthS
House Sigil is a Red Trout above blue waters beneath a red skyT
Words of House MartellU
Elder Brother of Daenerys Targaryen, Killed by Khal DrogoV
Lord of House Frey and The Twins W
Dornish Castle, Foster home of Quentin MartellY

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