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Can you name the unratified Constitutional amendments proposed by Congress?

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Proposed in 1789, this is technically the 'First Amendment' of the Bill of Rights. Like the 27th amendment though, it failed to garner immediate ratification. [cont.]It set forth elaborate numerical guidlines for this event, which occurs once a decade.
Proposed in 1810, since the 1980s it has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories which claim that it actually WAS ratified by 3/4ths of the states. [cont.]Proposed due to strong anti-monarchial sentiment, it would have strengthened an existing Constitutional prohibition on receiving these honors.
Proposed in 1861 during the tense final days of the Buchanan administration, this desperate olive branch only received the approval of two state legislatures. [cont.]Written by Representative Corwin, it would have barred any future amendments abolishing this institution.
Proposed in 1924, several belated state ratifications in the 1930s prompted the Supreme Court case Coleman v. Miller, a key precedent for the 27th amendment's ratification. [cont.]Written in response to Hammer v. Dagenhart, it permitted Congress to regulate this employment practice.
Proposed in 1972, its 7 year time limit on ratifcation was very controversially extended to 10 years in 1978. In spite of final expiration in 1982, and numerous states [cont.]withdrawing their approval, a dubious 'three state strategy' still exists. Intended to combat sexism, there was much argument over its precise effects, and it was known by this name.
Proposed in 1978, it had an ironclad 7 year time limit, which expired unceremoniously in 1985 with ratification not even within sight. [cont.]Like the 23rd amendment, it was an attempt to address the awkward political status of the District of Columbia by granting it this privilege.

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