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Can you name the theological terms about Christ's atonement as defined by Shai Linne?

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Forced Order
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the breaking of God's law/plus our condition which means from birth we've all got flaws
the Holy Spirit's true work in His love/to the elect who receive new birth from above
means God removes my filthiness/ the Old Testament type was the goat into the wilderness
we've been freed from sin/and His very own blood is the price He paid my friend
means since the Lamb has died/His work is finished, God's wrath is satisfied
means God is now my Father/I got the hottest poppa and by Spirit holler Abba
means there's no more enmity/God is now a friend to me/we're no longer enemies
God declares us righteous
we're being made into his likeness
that's what happens at the finish/when God conforms believers perfectly to Christ's image
a gift from God, when we receive this/we trust and treasure the person and the finished work of Jesus
turning from your sin/and trusting Christ as the Spirit cleanses you within
unmerited favor/our inheritance major/cause we cherish the Savior
God takes Jesus' righteous amount/through faith he credits it into the Christian's account

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