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Can you name the major candidates for Governor and Senator in November, 2010?

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State and officeCandidateParty
Senator ALDemocrat
Senator ALRepublican
Governor ALDemocrat
Governor ALRepublican
Senator AKDemocrat
Senator AKRepublican
Senator AKWrite-in
Governor AKDemocrat
Governor AKRepublican
Senator AZDemocrat
Senator AZRepublican
Governor AZDemocrat
Governor AZRepublican
Senator ARDemocrat
Senator ARRepublican
Governor ARDemocrat
Governor ARRepublican
Senator CADemocrat
Senator CARepublican
Governor CADemocrat
Governor CARepublican
Senator CODemocrat
Senator CORepublican
Governor CODemocrat
Governor CORepublican
Governor COConstitution
Senator CTDemocrat
Senator CTRepublican
Governor CTDemocrat
Governor CTRepublican
Senator DEDemocrat
Senator DERepublican
Senator FLDemocrat
Senator FLRepublican
Senator FLIndependent
Governor FLDemocrat
Governor FLRepublican
Senator GADemocrat
Senator GARepublican
Governor GADemocrat
Governor GARepublican
Senator HIDemocrat
Senator HIRepublican
Governor HIDemocrat
Governor HIRepublican
Senator IDDemocrat
Senator IDRepublican
Governor IDDemocrat
Governor IDRepublican
Senator ILDemocrat
Senator ILRepublican
Governor ILDemocrat
State and officeCandidateParty
Governor ILRepublican
Senator INDemocrat
Senator INRepublican
Senator IADemocrat
Senator IARepublican
Governor IADemocrat
Governor IARepublican
Senator KSDemocrat
Senator KSRepublican
Governor KSDemocrat
Governor KSRepublican
Senator KYDemocrat
Senator KYRepublican
Senator LADemocrat
Senator LARepublican
Governor MEDemocrat
Governor MERepublican
Governor MEIndependent
Senator MDDemocrat
Senator MDRepublican
Governor MDDemocrat
Governor MDRepublican
Governor MADemocrat
Governor MARepublican
Governor MAIndependent
Governor MIDemocrat
Governor MIRepublican
Governor MNDemocrat
Governor MNRepublican
Governor MNIndependence
Senator MODemocrat
Senator MORepublican
Governor NEDemocrat
Governor NERepublican
Senator NVDemocrat
Senator NVRepublican
Governor NVDemocrat
Governor NVRepublican
Senator NHDemocrat
Senator NHRepublican
Governor NHDemocrat
Governor NHRepublican
Governor NMDemocrat
Governor NMRepublican
Senator NY 1Democrat
Senator NY 1Republican
Senator NY 2Democrat
Senator NY 2Republican
Governor NYDemocrat
Governor NYRepublican
Senator NCDemocrat
Senator NCRepublican
State and officeCandidateParty
Senator NDDemocrat
Senator NDRepublican
Senator OHDemocrat
Senator OHRepublican
Governor OHDemocrat
Governor OHRepublican
Senator OKDemocrat
Senator OKRepublican
Governor OK Democrat
Governor OKRepublican
Senator ORDemocrat
Senator ORRepublican
Governor ORDemocrat
Governor ORRepublican
Senator PADemocrat
Senator PARepublican
Governor PADemocrat
Governor PARepublican
Governor RIDemocrat
Governor RIRepublican
Governor RIIndependent
Senator SCDemocrat
Senator SCRepublican
Governor SCDemocrat
Governor SCRepublican
Senator SDRepublican
Governor SDDemocrat
Governor SDRepublican
Governor TNDemocrat
Governor TNRepublican
Governor TXDemocrat
Governor TXRepublican
Senator UTDemocrat
Senator UTRepublican
Governor UTDemocrat
Governor UTRepublican
Senator VTDemocrat
Senator VTRepublican
Governor VTDemocrat
Governor VTRepublican
Senator WADemocrat
Senator WARepublican
Senator WVDemocrat
Senator WVRepublican
Senator WIDemocrat
Senator WIRepublican
Governor WIDemocrat
Governor WIRepublican
Governor WYDemocrat
Governor WYRepublican

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