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Are the following descriptions of the Elite Four or the Final Four?

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HintElite (E) or Final (F)
Teams may include competitors of both genders
Matches are always played five-on-five
Five matches must generally be won to become champion
Held every year in April
Symbolized by an orange ball
The competition is strictly single-gender
Often held at Indianapolis, Indiana
Dragon trainer Lance is one of the greatest champions
Official team records may be vacated for recruiting infractions
A match ends when all of one team's competitors faint
Often held at Indigo Plateau
One need only win two matches to become champion
Nuzlocke victories are especially exciting
Takes place under the auspices of the NCAA
First contested in 1939
HintElite (E) or Final (F)
Eight gym badges are required to compete
Gatorade is used to refresh competitors
Contact between competitors may result in a foul
Max Revive and Full Restore are used to refresh competitors
Team rosters are capped at six for matches
Official team records may be glitched by Missingno.
Buzzer-beater victories are especially exciting
First contested in 1996
Mike Krzyzewski is one of the greatest champions
Symbolized by a red and white ball
Causing earthquakes or blizzards is allowed under the rules
Always involves exactly four teams
Can involve more than four teams
'One Shining Moment' plays for the winner
Takes place under the auspices of the Pokémon League

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