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'New York abstains ___'
'Are you calling me a madman, you- you ___!'
'In the middle of the ___?'
'Well then, I suggest that the words __ __ __ be added'
'Mr. Jefferson, nowhere do you mention deep sea ___ rights'
'Whether or not all members of the Rhode Island militia be required to wear __ __'
'Oh Mr. Adams, you are driving me to ___'
'No sir, I mean to say that it's not yet ___'
QuoteMissing Word(s)Extra
'Oh now I'm ___, you must add that to your list'
'Our purposes, our goals, so forth, so on, __ __'
'But no, you sent us ___'
'Rhode Island is out visitin' the ___'
This is a revolution, d*** it, we're going to have to ___ SOMEBODY!'
'It so happens that the word is ___'
'And an epidemic of the __ __'
'We mustn't let Dr. Franklin create one of his ___'

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