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I am going to _________ him to come to the party.
In Geography, we learnt about the shopping __________.
I was ________ of the danger.
The _________ centre was relaxing.
This half term, my homework load is _________
My favourite _______ is Coco Pops
I lost the ________ for my shopping
I was very _______ when entering the abandoned shack.
The ________ of the helicopter whacked me in the face.
Some of the girls in my class need help with their __________
My ________ to dance is extraordinary
Oppugno in Latin means _______
The girl _______ listened at the door.
_________ Creations is an amazing chocolate.
I don't ________ the fish, it's disgusting
A car is a type of ________
The ________ of grapes at the supermarket depends on the harvest
Peeves was a very naughty and ________ poltergeist
The _______ dog bit my leg!
I need to make a ______ about what to do.
I have an ________ for senior school next week.
I should use a metaphor or a ______ in my poem
100 years is also known as a ________
I don't want to _______ my sister by telling her crush she likes him.
A _______ works in government

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