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Forced Order
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red plumber
green plumber
princess of mushroom kingdom
giant turtle
green dinosaur
star princess
giant turtle's son
yellow biker
2-D Character
brown gorilla
brown chimp
hyrulian warrior
princess of hyrule
princess of hyrule in disguise
evil warlock king
cartoon hyrulian warrior
space bounty hunter
space bounty hunter without suit
kid icarus
lady ________
fire emblem swordsman
I fight for my friends
sorcerer of thunder
can swallow anything
can also eat anything and has a big hammer
Top Tier in Brawl
quick boxer
bounty hunter animal
bounty hunter bird
yellow thunder
flying flame dragon
Watch the power of the aura
can put people to sleep with songs
water ninja
Classic NES Dog
Toy Robot
Boy from Onett
Falcon Punch
Home-town villager
The ruler of Pikman
Yoga trainer
The Doctor is in
Evil Kid Icarus
fire emblem swordswoman
weilder of the monodo
Rock Man
Faster than the speed of sound
First appeared on the Wii

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