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The main characters name is?
The main characters brothers name is?
Who put his tongue to the pole?
What did the lamp that they won look like?
What was Little Orphan Annie's secret message?
Who did he say told him the 'Queen Mother of Dirty Words'?
Who owned the dogs?
What did his mother get his father for christmas?
What did his aunt make him for christmas?
What magazine did he put the ad in?
While in his snowsuit what can't his brother put down?
What is the thing he whats for christmas?
What is the bully's name?
What is the bully's partners name?
What does he get on the theme paper?
What does the bully hit him in the face with?
What is the one saying he can't stand?
Where was the BB gun hiding behind?
What did he say hit him in the eye?
What did the dogs eat?
What type of resturant do they go to?
What is the name of the resturant?
What do they eat?

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