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Can you name the great literary work from its author?

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Kate ChopinEdna Pontellier
Edith Wharton(Eponymous-wife Zeena)
Tennessee WilliamsBlanche Dubois
Langston HughesSandy Rodgers
F. Scott FitzgeraldJames Gatz
Arthur MillerJohn Proctor
Nathaniel HawthorneHester Prynne
Washington IrvingIchabod Crane
Edgar Allan Poe(unnamed-man Roderick)
Herman Melville(Eponymous- co-worker Ginger Nut)
Stephen Crane(Eponymous-boyfriend Pete)
William FaulknerBenjy/Quentin/Jason/Dilsey
Ernest HemingwayFrederic Henry
Aldous HuxleyJohn the Savage
Emily BronteHeathcliff
Mary ShelleyThe Creature
William ShakespeareBolingbroke
Chinua AchebeOkonkwo
Frank McCourtFrank McCourt
Christopher Marlowe(Eponymous-companion Mephistopheles)
William Shakespeare(Eponymous-mother Gertrude)
William Shakespeare(Eponymous-king Duncan)
Thomas HardyEustacia Vye
James JoyceStephen Dedalus (hint-Not Ulysses)

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