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You think you're so **** tough as if you started the scene You should stop trying so hard
She whispered in his ear Please darling don't be scared I want you to bleed with me. A brilliant suicide From you is all I want And we'll fall into the sea.
Coffin kiss, From that which you can not escape. Misery, Another reason to guard the gate.
It's black on black on black and it's such a shame that she could not resist keeping the only hint of red strictly to her fingernails.
It's almost Armageddon as she falls to the floor, Guilt straight affliction, now comatose.
The only sin in our lives is to not ever have one. So let's sin, sin, sin.
If I die, before I wake you'll have your **** soul to take
Everything that you ever loved will be taken away the moment you shut your eyes.
Never take your pulse for granted again, she doesn't know, she doesn’t know the kiss of death.
And when you try there will be no one to hear you scream, reach out to me.
I slide inside the hell within, For there is nothing like her rotting skin.
And I forgot what this hallow pit in my stomach felt like. Now I have become death, destroyer of whole worlds.
The wax will drip as so as blood, Romance is dead and all is lust.
I fear that, that we are all doomed.
So many people wanna see me fail, so **** clever but I'll spit in your face I'll make sure you remember me
Cry little sister and save these, save these lost boys, thou shall not fall Be one of us.
Real beauty on the inside does not apply to you
Burn baby burn She's a witch, she's a witch and I'm a heretic
Everyday I must practice To fake this smile on my face
And I bet I'm not the only one who thinks. I'm stuck in the past with all the friends I am losing. I regret not holding on to it closely. The past is the past, and I'm letting it k
With all the air in my lungs, I will scream for you And you can't stop me now, 'cause you're already dead
How do you forgive the unforgivable? How could you kill that which has no life?
Paralyzed by my envy of the night I am lost without you here and outside it looks like rain
So Morrissey please sing me to sleep, As I live and breathe you have killed me
I am the devil and I, I'm telling you to kill her So we can dance in death tonight
It's so sad, my heart in your hands, I melt like the snow in the part where you dance
Dead I am the one, exterminating son Slipping through the trees, strangling the breeze
I am yours. Like the stillness of a corpse.
I know the only words that you have for me Are give up and get out
Oil prices are so high we can't feed ourselves So we buy into fast food and occupy the will
I'm holding on to a life, I'll never get back It's too hard to let go
Blacked out; Ghost Town. Light it up and burn it down. You wanna blame me? You never MET me!
For too long I have lived just another slave bound by your torment. But I am not afraid anymore.
I am an addict for dramatic, black hair and pale skin.
**** you, **** this Everything is distress I don’t give a **** if your ego is maniacal
We lost our heads and minds explode I don’t want trust in losing control
You are an architect of ignorance, with nothing for a soul Now I’m the only thing inside of you, that you cannot control
Now I'm the full grown man that you love to hate And yeah you doubted me, but now I'm laughing in your face
Your picture perfect legacy is quite so **** disgusting I put all my faith in your 'One Two Three'
Wasting away just for the craving. A long for something else Fading, your pictures on the floor will burn
So cold, our darkest days. Sleepless, our darkest nights. Line after line, but love is... forever
This is a new world order and it's changing the game So step right up to go down in flames
I’ve finally let you go and left the past to die This is my resignation from All that we’ve loved and left behind
I will justify this pain I will live another day
I see the users looking for their fixes They're willing to die to feed the addiction
Against the wall, we fall from grace The pain we love is taking shape A burning lust to touch the flame Over and over again
Forsaken, I walk the night alone No sanctuary No place for me to call my home
Yeah we bleed, scream, and get up off our knees We ignite to excite. We're taking back the night
Somehow I will break and destroy you And reveal what was hidden in plain view
So come to me No sense of restraint So come for me I will wait endlessly
Bride of frankenstein, I'll make you come alive Oh won't you please be mine?
I smell like victory I taste like blood
By design, I despise The Kingdom will divide
I'm running red lights, swear the stars, Are putting circles in my mind.
You pull the trigger just for fun Forgetting I'm a loaded gun
Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt
And I don't want the world to see me, Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
You're not getting anything for Christmas, you **** **** the milk was sour and the cookies sucked so thanks for nothing, you **** ****
This love I sealed it with a kiss Nothing was supposed to feel Quite like this
And when you cry yourself to sleep tonight, Don't forget that it's killing me not to tear you apart.

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