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Forced Order
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The name of the planet in Xenoblade Chronicles X
The newly established human civilization on Mira.
The first land filled with plains, abundant with life, grass and trees.
The second land filled with blood pools, fluorescent plants, blue grass and unique structures made of plants
The third land with a gaping trench and a desert with large rings scattered throughout
The fourth land filled with strange spherical glowing structures, a rocky perimeter and a white land throughout.
The final land where the Ganglion reside, bearing an ancient warscape and magma pools everywhere
The giant mechs which you can board after chapter 6
The strongest enemy in the game.
Your two partners that must be with you for story mode at all times
Starting Class in Xenoblade.
The organization that works as the regulation in and out of NLA
The Division primarily focused on planting probes to send data of the planet to BLADE.
The Division primarily focused on taking out hostile monsters, they serve as the human's bodyguards.
The Division primarily focused on defeating the most dangerous enemies, threat or not.
The Division primarily focused on recovering pieces of the White Whale Ship and lost items from battles such as Skells and weapons
The Division primarily focused on discovering new areas and collecting the resources of that area
The Division primarily focused on using FrontierNav to claim Miranium and revenue
The Division primarily focused on investing in Arms Manufacturing Companies to further build better equipment.
The Division primarily focused on dealing with the problems INSIDE of NLA that have to do with the people.

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