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Can you name the famous bird men?

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This young angel must reclaim the Three Sacred Treasures to restore peace to Overworld.Kid Icarus
This amoral private detective lost his wife, and lives with his extended family and 3 kids.(eponymous): Private Dick/Family Man
This evolved pokémon is a powerful first generation water-type.Pokémon
This opportunistic inventor is the chief engineer for the Mutants on Third Earth.ThunderCats
This fatherly superhero protects St. Canard with his sidekick Lauchpad McQuack.(eponymous)
This son of Daedalus flew too close to the sun in an attempt to escape the labyrinth.Greek Mythology
This offensive, existentialist alien has a girlfriend named Beverly, a bad temper, and a worse movie.Marvel
This character has a short temper and a speech impediment.Disney
This brash ace pilot is the wingman of Fox McCloud.Star Fox
This superhero gave up fighting crime in battle to fight crime in the courtroom.Hanna-Barbera
This comical hero has back issues and is the brother of Orville from the first movie.The Rescuers Down Under
This talkative rooster battles it out with Henery Hawk and Barnyard Dawg.Looney Tunes
This French con artist constantly manipulates Courage, Muriel, and Eustace.Courage the Cowardly Dog
This Muppet stands over 8 feet tall and loves his teddy bear.Sesame Street
This archangel told the virgin Mary that she was pregnant.Christianity
This rival of Bugs constantly gets his bill shot off and thinks that 'you're despicable!'Looney Tunes
This wealthy uncle likes to swim in piles of money.Duck Tales
This original member of the X-Men eventually became a Horseman of Apocalypse.X-Men
This cowardly best friend to Orson wears a rubber flotation tube.Garfield and Friends
This creator deity was considered the god of the sun.Egyptian Religion

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