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What was the alliance prior to the start of WWI of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy?
What was the alliance prior to the start of WWI of Great Britain, France and Russia?
What was the alliance in WWI of Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans?
What was the alliance in WWI of Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia and the US?
Who was the president of the US during WWI?
Who was the czar of Russia during WWI?
What was the German plan for avoiding a two front war by quickly conquering France?
What type of warfare was used during WWI which caused a huge loss of human life for little land gain?
What was the territory between Germany and Russia during WWI called?
Policy implemented by the Germans to sink all ships without warning?
What is the war effort where countries devoted all their resources to winning the war?
What was the agreement to end the fighting in WWI?

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