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What is the seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country called?
What was the social theory where Europeans believed that their race was better than other races?
At what meeting did 14 European nations meet to lay down the rules for the division of Africa
Name of the Dutch farmers that fought the Zulus and British in South Africa?
What are the Indian soldiers that eventually fought against British control in India?
Who was the ruler of Belgium that enforced brutal tactics in the Congo?
When Henry Stanley set off to Africa and located the missing missionary/doctor, he said, “Dr. ____ I presume?
As a result of imperialism, the Hutus and Tutsis fought for control that led to this event?
Who believed that passive resistance would ultimately prove to be stronger than British forces?
What British colony was referred to as the “brightest jewel in the crown?”
Which African country successfully resisted imperialism under Menelik II?
What colonial management style used foreign officials to rule and forced assimilation?
One of the main causes of the age of imperialism?
Although few Africans purchased finished products from European factories, African colonies were valuable because they provided vast________?
Extracted from trees in the Belgian Congo and in high demand in European and American factories?

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