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Event that included the Enclosure Movement and improvements in methods of
The Industrial Revolution began in this country
Who invented the first steam engine?
Who invented the first steam locomotive?
. What industry began the Industrial Revolution?
. What were large buildings with machines called?
What is the relocation of people from suburbs to cities called?
Name of a business owned by stockholders who share in profits, yet not responsible for its debt
What French term that means to “let be” allowed owners of industry/business set working conditions without interference?
Who defended the ideas of a free market based on the laws of self-interest, competition and supply and demand?
What economic philosophy states the factors of production are owned by the public and operated for the welfare of all?
Who stated that the proletariat would one day rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie?
What is refusing to work for owners to meet the demands of union members
What is the idea that the U.S. has the right to rule from the Atlantic to the Pacific?
What is the method used in which workers each are responsible for one part of the production of a product ex. Car?
What machine did John Kay invent that allowed doubled the amount of work a weaver could do in one day?
What US factory owner revolutionized the textile industry by employing mill girls and having every aspect of production under one roof?
What US factory owner created entire villages to provide for all the needs of his employees?
What country was the first to utilize a secret ballot when voting?
What country was the first to provide women’s suffrage?

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