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What policy adopted by the US supported countries that opposed communism?
What was the military alliance formed by the US and democratic countries?
What was the military alliance formed by the USSR and communist countries?
What was the first satellite launched into outer space by the Soviets?
Plan that allowed the US to provide economic aid to help countries rebuild after WWII as long as they purchased American goods?
Policy followed by the US and USSR in which each country would go to the edge of war?
Permanent division of North and South Korea after the cease-fire which ended the Korean War?
Who was the leader of Cuba that allowed the Soviets to build missiles in Cuba?
What Soviet leader's policies of perestroika and glasnost led to the downfall of his country?
What did the British sell to China to balance trade?
What rebellion was led by Hong Xiuquan to address social issues, poverty and gender inequality?
What rebellion sought to eliminate foreign presence in China especially Christian missionaries?
The US proposed this policy to allow all nations to trade within China?
Who was the leader of the Communist Revolution in China?
Jiang Jieshi was the leader who opposed Mao and was head of what party?
What was the six thousand mile journey of Mao's troops through the countryside?
The Nationalist and Communists put aside their differences in 1937 when this country invaded China?
Deng Xiaoping altered the Chinese economy when he implemented this program to allow more capitalism?
What was the name of the protest in which students in China demanded more political freedom?

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