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Deadpool is a legend. Here is a Quiz on Him

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What Terminal Illness Does Deadpool Have?
Who Is Deadpool's Prisoner?
Who is The Doctor That Gave Deadpool His Healing Factor?
Who Plays Deadpool In The Deadpool Movie?
How Many Voices Are In Deadpool's Head?
Who is Deadpool's Irish Crush?
Who Was Deadpool First Sent To Kill?
Who Kills The Marvel Universe?
What Colour Box Does Deadpool Speak In?
What Is Deadpool's Real Name?
What Alien Race Tried To Clone Deadpool's Healing Factor & Failed?
What Deadpool Corps Member Has No Limbs?
Who Was Deadpool Married To Before He Became Deadpool?
What Nationality Is Deadpool?
Who Did Deadpool Have A Comic Series With In 2004?
Which Comic Writer Created Deadpool?
Which Hydra Henchman Often Helps Deadpool?
Who is Deadpool's Info & Weapons Dealer
Who's Identity Did Deadpool Steal?
Deadpool's First Appearance In A Comic?

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