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Forced Order
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I'm feeling weak... missing parts...incomplete.
So I dig a hole, bury the pain.
Why can't I break this? I just take this as it goes on and on.
All I do is look for you, and when I fix you needed to...
Why'd you always push me away.
All the anger and pain and the suffering and the shame...
Why don't you get the f*ck out of my face, Now!
What goes up, must come down.
You are my brothers, each one I would die for.
You can suck my d*ck and f*cking like it!!!
So I take my face and bash it into a mirror.
Its all screwed up how the river flows.
Night! So I play.
Nothing changes, just re-arranges
I'm gonna try, I'm gonna die.
As I sit here frozen alone, even ghosts get tired and go home.
I'm a witness, on a witch-hunt, I'm the monster of the stairs.
Birds are circling above, their called back to a waiting glove.
We crumble, crumble under pressure...
Arms to kill or flowers to steal.
Licking your own skin, so trippy.
At least you could look at me while your raping me...
I fall face down in a rut I can't seem to get out of.
What's with your hostility, why is it so provoked?
You think I'm out to scare you, I'm only out to prepare you.
All my friends do the..
There you were my precious with your broken soul.
Time off in space... you and I.
Back then, nobody knew in the school yard.
You flirt with suicide...
Sometimes I hate, the life I made.
Leaving doesn't seem so strange.
I'm taking over, I won't be lead astray.
I sung but you have to keep on the volume.
I want to see you try to take a swing at me.
Just irritated, and quite hated self control breaks down.
Aren't we cool and aren't we calm?
Your Messiah was never mine.
Those who live will have the best opportunity because of the sky.
Feeling out of place, why must I hold on?
Raped... Something NOW!
Each day I can feel it swallow
It's in religion, sex, and everything we do and say.
I always gotta be stuck in a place I really hate.
I just wanna laugh again.
Are you laughing am I funny?
If I could feel a void, and ocean wouldn't hold my love.
Am I too lost to face this?
This curse is my own, it follows me home...
Lost in the valley of all that's dead.
I'm falling in this place I thought I left behind.
Falling through time, living a _________
I dont know your f*cking name...
Feeling like I'm god, feeling there's...
Shut up, shut up and do it to yourself.
You ever need something I'll be right here.
Thinking back to times of yesterday, I could die
Used to heartless mockery
I don't know why it's so f*cking cold...
Boomerang... Soomerang... Toomerang...
How many times have I felt disease?
I'm the one to give to you, I'm the one to break you through.
London bridge is falling down.
So I'm saying nothing, each day taking that much more.
I'm lying in pieces of emotions you control.
I don't know what to say, So what? Don't give a f*ck man.
Feeling like a fool inside...
You call yourself a singer...
Through your face my fist will plow.
You pull me closer, I push you away.
Feeling so lost and betrayed, why does this happen to me everytime?
Sometimes I feel it chasing me, all the hate that's breaking free.
Am I still damned to a life of misery and hate?
I wanna break everything, I wanna make it sting
Each time I dream your standing right there by my side.
All I want in life is to be happy.
Well look at this...
You're the crowd, come on give it back to me.
I play games just to spite you.
Beautiful and care free, thats how I used to be.
That's right, deliver it to my heart.
I like to lose hope, recede and cope.
Yes, I know you're a person, a person close to me.
I try to hold on and you bring me down.
I didn't touch you there...
You and me, we have no faces.
All the disrespect, all of the ingorance, all of the bullsh*t you took from me.
That thorn in my spine.
A place inside my brain, another kind of pain.
I'll behave, oh my god, make me beg, my god!
She doesn't care, she'll be doing it her way.
I believe, I never meant to hurt you.
Clothed dreams never acheive...
I hate writing sh*t, it's so stupid.
You can feel it might be stoned.
We push the button far inside, we tear our hearts out, then we fight!
Let it all go... Let it all go...
My mind plays tricks on me, I can't control it you see.
We are the hope to drown out your sound.
You see the pain in my face, while you keep putting me down.
Ooh, I must hold on. Ooh I won't be gone.
You breathe in but cant breath out.
I'm afraid of being hated, cause I'm so hated...
All I want to do is live.
Take a look around, nothing much has changed.
Now, I find it hard, to live, my own life...
Hit me _____ cause I'm not from you're town.
Do you ever see outside your fears?
The life, the hurt, the pain, the hate.
Love without affection, is hate without the pain.
I am the one who chose my path, I am the one who couldn't last.
Tear me from your heart, tearing me apart.
I cannot live without them, I do not live without them.
Don't give it up, can never sleep.
I read your little book, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
It feels closer to me...
I don't know who to call a friend, they all just pretend to be.
Were flippin' off the people who dissed on us, thats yesterday.
Influenced by the hate that swells.
Hook me with my fix, and look to drain my aim.
Oh my god, how can you deny the flood?
You built this house of shame.
Twist, twist.
A freak that I'm sure, a freak that is yours.
The lying, the cheating, the hellish nights alone...
People here say, 'kill the damn fool.'
All my feelings have been eating onto me.
Hold it between your legs, turn it up, turn it up.
Times are looking grim these days...
Now these memories fill my heart... they bury me.
Caught in the corners of my mind.
I hate to interrupt the flow, for a one way ticket no return

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