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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with W-Z?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Chinese schoolgirl who owns a pandaTekken, Namco
Tough wrestler from CanadaVirtua Fighter, Sega
Giant Mega Man foe made of blocksMega Man, Capcom
Fox's rivalStar Fox, Nintendo
One of two Hong Kong twins who wears a capStreet Fighter, Capcom
Dinosaur friend of Mario and LuigiMario and Yoshi series, Nintendo
Wario's brother and evil clone of LuigiMario, Nintendo
Mega Man X's right hand manMega Man X, Capcom
Bearded Russian wrestlerStreet Fighter, Capcom
Japanese member of an international bandKing of Fighters, SNK
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Elderly fighter and friend of Heihachi's fatherTekken, Namco
Kid sister of Ryo and daughter of TakumaArt of Fighting, SNK
Teenage girl who transforms into a superheroWonder Momo, Namco
This German bad guy is even an enemy of GeeseFatal Fury, SNK
Princess who is an ally and lover of LinkZelda, Nintendo
Frog who only appeared in the first Donkey Kong CountryDonkey Kong, Nintendo
Friend of K' with a weapon of her namesakeKing of Fighters, SNK
Evil clone of everyone's favorite Italian plumberMario, Nintendo
Twin brother from Hong Kong who wears redStreet Fighter, Capcom
Cyberninja originally from JapanTekken and Soul Calibur, Namco

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