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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with T-V?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Italian who wields katarsSoul Calibur, Namco
Elderly mentor of Terry and GeeseFatal Fury, SNK
Silent, blue haired samuraiSamurai Shodown, SNK
Dante's twin and nemesisDevil May Cry, Capcom
Fox sidekick of the fastest hedgehog aliveSonic the Hedgehog, Sega
Jesse and James make up this teamPokemon, Nintendo
Sports a red cap and jacket and hates GeeseFatal Fury and King of Fighters, SNK
Dante's Partner in CrimeDevil May Cry, Capcom
Lives in Green HellSamurai Shodown, SNK
Female boxer who is friends with RamonKing of Fighters, SNK
The Original Mr. KarateArt of Fighting and King of Fighters, SNK
'Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle'Mario, Nintendo
Female ninja from JapanSoul Calibur, Namco
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
A monster created by Umbrella CorporationResident Evil, Capcom
Good witch who is called Tabasa in JapanRed Earth, Capcom
Assistant to Rugal and IoriKing of Fighters, SNK
Servbots are her employeesMega Man, Capcom
A hero composed of green ballsVectorman, Sega
Bison invaded his homeland and wiped out many of his peopleStreet Fighter, Capcom
Leads the Chaotix TeamSonic the Hedgehog, Sega
Spanish ninja who dons a maskStreet Fighter, Capcom
He looks like Frankenstein and is very slowDark Stalkers, Capcom
Henshin a Go Go, Baby!Viewtiful Joe, Capcom
Russian game involving blocksTetris, Tengen and Atari
Baby Pokemon who belongs to MistyPokemon, Nintendo
Giant Mexican wrestler who wears an eagle maskGarou and King of Fighters, SNK

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