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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with N and O?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Ally of DanteDevil May Cry, Capcom
Giant monster who hunts JillResident Evil, Capcom
Uses playing cards for weaponsKing of Fighters, SNK
A boy from OnettEarthbound, Nintendo
Gives Link adviceZelda, Nintendo
Worse form of Kyo's rivalKing of Fighters, SNK
One of Brock's love interestsPokemon, Nintendo
Irish assassin dressed in purpleTekken, Namco
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Native American whose animality is a wolfMortal Kombat, Midway
Has two forms and lives in MexicoTekken, Namco
Tiny alien who leads amalgamations of plants and animalsPikmin, Nintendo
Girl with a pet hawkSamurai Shodown, SNK
Everyone's favorite Bionic CommandoBionic Commando, Capcom
Takes care of sick PokemonPokemon, Nintenedo
Wears a purple jester hat with a red jewel on his chestNights, Sega
Black clad ninjaMortal Kombat, Midway

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