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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with M?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Friendly rival of Phoenix WrightAce Attorney, Capcom
Knows a lot about water PokemonPokemon, Nintendo
Italian plumber who wears red______, Nintendo
Samurai from 16th century JapanSoul Calibur, Namco
Mayor who is also a wrestlerFinal Fight, Capcom
Rival of KirbyKirby, Nintendo
Manipulates the Space Pirates of ZebesMetroid, Nintendo
Andy Bogard's main squeezeFatal Fury and King of Fighters, SNK
Attractive green haired succubusDark Stalkers, Capcom
Character made from fleshMortal Kombat, Midway
Also known as Officer John-117Halo, Bungie
One of Iori and Rugal's assistantsKing of Fighters, SNK
A clown who digs tunnels________, Taito
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Soldier who hates General MordenMetal Gear, SNK
Updated version of everyone's favorite robot boy____________, Capcom
Trash talking police officer and vigilante_____________, Remedy Entertainment
Cyborg companion of K'King of Fighters, SNK
Strongest member of ChaotixSonic the Hedgehog, Sega
Son of Dig Dug___________, Namco
Chinese American chefTekken, Namco
Cat-like PokemonPokemon, Nintendo
Wields two batons and hails from AustraliaArt of Fighting and King of Fighters, SNK
Wife of a famous dot eaterPac-Man, Namco
Leader of ShadowlooStreet Fighter, Capcom
Blue clad robotic boy created by Dr. Light________, Capcom
Training dummy made of woodTekken, Namco

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