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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with L?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
French high school studentVirtua Fighter, Sega
Star of adult games__________________, Sierra
Throws enemies from his cloudMario, Nintendo
Must rescue Zelda from GanonZelda, Nintendo
Chinese assassinSoul Calibur, Namco
Zombie rock starDark Stalkers, Capcom
British archeologistTomb Raider, Square Enix
Spanish bullfighter and top aide of KrauserFatal Fury, SNK
Close friend of Wolf O'DonnellStar Fox, Nintendo
Half-brother of KazuyaTekken, Namco
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
An artiste who lives underwaterMega Man X, Capcom
Cook and father of another Virtua FighterVirtua Fighter, Sega
Green clad Italian plumberMario, Nintendo
Agent of STARS and friend of Jill and ChrisResident Evil, Capcom
Chinese monk who won the tenth Mortal Kombat tournamentMortal Kombat, Midway
Chinese cop who masters kung-fuTekken, Namco
Clone of MorriganDark Stalkers, Capcom
Boxer from New York CityPunch Out, Nintendo
French speaking rival of AsukaTekken, Namco
Blue haired teammate of Ralf and ClarkKing of Fighters, SNK

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