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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with E?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Master sumo wrestler from JapanStreet Fighter, Capcom
Knows a lot about grass PokemonPokemon, Nintendo
Robot Master that can spark youMega Man, Capcom
French girl who is a rival to AshKing of Fighters, SNK
Dark persona of a Street FighterStreet Fighter, Capcom
Ninja who serves as a rival to Ryo and RobertArt of Fighting and King of Fighters, SNK
Dolphin who uses sonar for defense________________, Sega
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
An Earthworm who wears a robotic suit________________, Playmates
Ostrich who wears tennis shoesDonkey Kong, Nintendo
Red clad ninjaMortal Kombat, Midway
A swordfishDonkey Kong, Nintendo
Mexican chef and wrestlerStreet Fighter, Capcom
Member of the Chaotix TeamSonic the Hedgehog, Sega
Capoeira master from BrazilTekken, Namco

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