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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with D?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Vampire hunter assisted by a little girlDark Stalkers, Capcom
Ally of Ash CrimsonKing of Fighters, SNK
Evil doctor and rival of Doctor LightMega Man, Capcom
A daring knight who must overcome deathsDragon's Lair, Cinematronics
Once enemy, now friends of the Lone WolvesFatal Fury and King of Fighters, SNK
A vampire with the Midnight BlissDark Stalkers, Capcom
Crash Bandicoot's arch nemesisCrash Bandicoot, Activision
A friend of Ash and PikachuPokemon, Nintendo
Son of the Demon SpardaDevil May Cry, Capcom
Villain who looks like Teddy RooseveltSonic the Hedgehog, Sega
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Giant ape with a tie______________, Nintendo
Diddy Kong's girlfriend with magic braidsDonkey Kong, Nintendo
Capcom's node to SNK charactersStreet Fighter, Capcom
Good doctor who created Mega ManMega Man, Capcom
A Smurf lookalike who wields a pump______________, Namco
Virtua Fighter's bonus bossVirtua Fighter, Sega
British boxer and a gentlemanStreet Fighter, Capcom
Donkey Kong's sidekickDonkey Kong, Nintendo
Indian with the Yoga FireStreet Fighter, Capcom

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