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Can you name the Video Game Characters That Begin with A?

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ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Mega Man X's Sidekick-in-TrainingMega Man X, Capcom
Blonde haired soldier and wrestlerStreet Fighter, Capcom
Global Saturation is his mandateResident Evil, Capcom
Resident Evil girl of Chinese descentResident Evil, Capcom
A mummy from Ancient EgyptDark Stalkers, Capcom
First boss of Samurai ShodownSamurai Shodown, SNK
Motorcycle punk girlRival Schools, Capcom
Nina's sisterTekken, Namco
Knight in shining armorGhosts and Goblins, Capcom
Kid brother of TerryFatal Fury and King of Fighters, SNK
Former police detective who fights crimeStreets of Rage, Sega
French protagonist of King of FightersKing of Fighters, SNK
His goal is to catch them allPokemon, Nintendo
A dog who can draw with a magic wandOkami, Capcom
ClueCharacterSeries and Company
Sonic's girlfriendSonic the Hedgehog, Sega
Wields a giant axeSoul Calibur, Namco
A giant cactus from MexicoMarvel vs. Capcom, Capcom
Cousin to Jin KazamaTekken, Namco
Japanese Kung-Fu TeacherVirtua Fighter, Sega
Frenchman who suffers amnesiaStreet Fighter, Capcom
A red bat who works for the circus_____________, Sunsoft
Purple haired high school girlKing of Fighters, SNK
Rival to KingTekken, Namco
Star Fox's arch enemyStar Fox, Nintendo
Red haired 'murderer' of M. BisonStreet Fighter, Capcom
Green pigs steal their eggs_____________, Rovio
Maverick who is weak against electricityMega Man X, Capcom

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