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BrabanconneLouis-Alexandre Dechet and Francois Van Campenhout, 1830
(country name), Land So BeautifulPhyllis Punnett and Joel Bertram Miguel, 1979
(country name), Land We LoveHugh Sherlock and Robert Lightbourne, 1962
Land der Berge, Land am Strome (Land of Mountains, Land on the River)Paula von Preradovic, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Johann Holzer, 1947
Desteapta-te, romane! (Awaken Thee, (nationality))Andrei Muresanu, Anton Pann, and Gheorghe Ucenescu, 1990
A (nationality) (The (nationality))Henrique Lopes de Mendonca and Alfredo Keil, 1911
Debout Congolais (Arise Congolese)Joseph Lutumba and Simon-Pierre Boka di Mpasi Londi, 1960
Udzima wa ya Masiwa (The Union of the Great Islands)Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane and Kamildine Abdallah, 1978
For The (country name) Our HomelandVirginia Julie Howe and Jeremy Frederick Howe, 1965
(country name)Aden Elmi and Abdi Robleh, 1977
(country name) Oyee!Students and teachers of Juba University, 2011
Yumi, Yumi, Yumi (We, We, We)Francois Vincent Ayssav, 1980
Himno Nacional de (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Jose Joaquin Palma and Rafael Alvarez Ovalle, 1896
Kassaman (We Pledge)Moufdi Zakaria and Mohamed Fawzi, 1962
Sons and Daughters of (country name)Charles Jesse and Leton Felix Thomas, 1979
Tien Quan Ca (Marching Song)Van Co, 1945
Il Canto degli Italiani (The Song of the (nationality))Goffredo Mameli and Michele Novaro, 1946
Allah Peliharakan Sultan (God Bless the Sultan)Pengiran Haji Mohamed Yusuf bin Abdul Rahim and Awang Haji Besar bin Sagap, 1951
March On, (country name)Timothy Gibson, 1973
Kosta seywa (Join Together All (nationality))David Francois Marc Andre and George Charles Robert Payet, 1996
Mulungu dalitsa (country name) (God Bless (country name))Michael-Fredrick Paul Sauka, 1964
Menin Qazaqstanim (My (country name))Zhumeken Nazhimedenov, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and Shanshi Kaldayakov, 2006
(country name) Avante (Forward (country name))Manuel Rui Alves Monteiro and Riu Alberto Vieira Dias Mingas, 1975
Hatikvah (The Hope)Naftali Herz Imber and Samuel Cohen, 1948
Salve, Oh Patria (We Salute You, Our Homeland)Juan Leon Mera and Antonio Neumane, 1948
Salve a ti, (country name) (Hail to Thee, (country name))Salomon Ibarra Mayorga and Luis A. Delgadillo, 1918
Jana Gana Mana (Hail the Ruler of All Minds)Rabindranath Tagore, 1950
(country name three times)Al Bashir Al Arebi and Mohammed Abdel Wahab, 2011
Himno Nacional del (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Jose de la Torre Ugarte y Alarcon and Jose Bernardo Alcedo, 1821
Liberte (Liberty)author unknown and Kodofo Moussa, 1958
Himno Nacional de la Republica de (country name) (National Anthem of the Republic of (country name))Rafael Nunez and Oreste Sindici, 1886
Himni i Flamurit (Hymn to the Flag)Aleksander Stavre Drenova an Ciprian Porumbescu, 1912
O Arise, All You SonsTom Shacklady, 1975
My Belarusy (We, the (nationality))Michael Klimovich and Nestar Sakalowski, 1955
Mungu ibariki Afrika (God Bless Africamany authors and Enoch Sontonga, 1961
High We Exalt Thee, Realm of the FreeClifford Nelson Fyle and John Akar, 1961
Mawtini (My Homeland)Ibrahim Touqan and Mohammed Flayfel, 2004
Pincez Tous vos Koras, Frappez les Balafons (Strum your Koras, Strike the Balafons)Leopold Sedar Senghor and Herbert Pepper, 1960
(nationality) National AnthemRashid Nakhle and Wadih Sabra, 1927
Nahnu Jund Allah Jund Al-watan (We Are the Army of God And of Our Land)Sayyed Ahmed Mohammed Salih and Ahmad Murjan, 1956
La Marcha Real (The Royal March)unknonw composer, 1770
Al-salam Al-makai Al-urdoni (The Royal Anthem of (country name))Abdul Monem Al-Refai and Abdul Qader al-Taneer, 1946
Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu (Oh God of All Creation)Graham Hyslop, G.W. Senoga-Zake, Thoma Kalume, Peter Kibukosya, and Washingon Omondi, 1963
Himno Nacional de (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Jose Ignacio de Sanjines and Leopoldo Benedetto Vincenti, 1852
La Marseillaise (The Song of Marseille)Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, 1795
Oh (country name), Land of BeautyGeorge Wilberforce Kakoma, 1962
(country name) Matha (Mother (country name))Rabindranath Tagore, 1951
Hymne Cherifien (Anthem of (country name))Ali Squalli Houssaini and Leo Morgan, 1956
Salut a toi, pays de nos aieux (Hail to Thee, Land of Our Forefathers)Alex Casimir-Dosseh, 1960
O (country name)Adolphe-Basile Routhier (French), Robert Stanley Weir (English), and Calixa Lavallee, 1980
Himno Nacional (nationality) ((nationality) National Anthem)Vicente Lopez y Planes and Blas Parera
Dear Land of (country name), of Rivers and PlainsArchibald Leonard Luker and Robert Cyril Gladstone Potter, 1966
National Anthem of (country name)Baba Ould Cheikh and Tolia Nikiprowetzky, 1960
As-Salam Al Malaki (The Royal Salute)Ibrahim Khafaji and Abdul Rahman Al-Khateeb, 1950
Patriots of (country name)author unknown, tune to a traditional German song, 1991
Drzavna himna Bosne i Hercegovine (The National Anthem of (country name))Dusan Sestic, 1999
National Anthem of (country name)Abdallah Abdulwahab Noman and Ayoob Tarish, 1990
Advance (country name) FairPeter Dodds McCormick, 1984
Forged from the Love of LibertyPatrick Castagne, 1962
Hail (country name)Irva Merle Baptiste and Louis Arnold Masanto, 1974
The Banner of FreedomSauni Iiga Kuresa, 1962
Al-Nasheed Al-Watani (National Anthem)Ahmad Meshari Al-Adwani and Ibrahim Al-Soula, 1978
Azerbaycan marsi (National Anthem of the Republic of (country name))Ahmed Javad and Uzeyir Hajibeyov, 1918
Boze pravde (God of Justice)Jovan Dordevic and Davorin Jenko, 1882
Wilhelmus (William)Marnix van Sint Aldegonde and Adrianus Valerius, 1568
Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka (Hundreds of Flowers)Byakul Maila and Amber Gurung, 2007
Gaumii salaam (National Salute)Muhammad Jameel Didi and Pandit Wannakuwattawaduge Don Amaradeva, 1972
Ry Tanindrazanay malala o! (Oh, Beloved Land of Our Ancestors)Pasteur Rahajason and Norbert Raharisoa, 1958
Ertra, Ertra, ErtraSolomon Tsehaye Beraki, Isaac Abraham Meharezghi, and Aron Tekle Tesfatsion, 1993
Mila Rodino (Dear Motherland)Tsvetan Radoslavov, 1964
Yiyongjun Jinxingqu (March of the Volunteers)Tian Han and Nie Er, 1949
Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii (State Hymn of the (nationality) Federation)Sergey Mikhalkov an Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, 2000
Tavisupleba (Freedom)David Magradze and Zakaria Paliashvili, 2004
Qaumi Tarana (National Anthem)Hafeez Jullundhri and Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla, 1954
Amhran na bhFiann (The Soldier's Song)Peadar Kearney, Liam O Rinn, and Patrick Heeney, 1926
(country name) Respublikasynyn Mamlekettik Gimni (National Anthem of the (nationality) Republic)Djamil Sadykov and Eshmambet Kuluev, 1992
Bahrainona (Our (country name))Mohamed Sudqi Ayyash and unknown composer, 1971
The Star-Spangled BannerFrancis Scott Key and John Stafford Smith, 1931
Der er et yndigt land (There is a Lovely Country)Adam Oehlenschlager and Hans Ernst Kroyer, 1835
Dievs, sveti Latviju! (God Bless (country name))Karlis Baumanis, 1920
(country name) Fatse La Bontata Rona ((country name), Land of Our Fathers)Francois Coillard and Ferdinand-Samuel Laur, 1966
Istiklal Marsi (The March of Independence)Mehet Akif Ersoy and Osman Zeki Ungor, 1921
God Bless Our Homeland (country name)Michael Kwame Gbordzoe and Philip Gbeho, 1957
El Himno de Bayamo (The Anthem of Bayamo)Perucho Figueredo, 1902
Mazurek Dabrowskiego ((country name) Is Not Yet Lost, So Long As We Still Live)Jozef Wybicki, 1926
Patria (Fatherland)Francisco Borja da Costa and Afonso de Araujo, 2002
Nkulunkulu Mnikati wetibusiso temaSwati (O Lord Our God of the (nationality))Andrease Enoke Fanyana Simelane and David Kenneth Rycroft, 1968
La Renaissance (The Rebirth)Barthelemy Boganda and Herbert Pepper, 1960
La Nigerienne (The (nationality))Maurice Albert Thiriet, Robert Jacquet, and Nicolas Abel Francois Frionnet, 1961
EuropeMendi Mengjiqi, 2008
As Salam al Amiri (Peace to the Amir)Sheikh Mubarak bin Saif al-Thani and Abdul Aziz Nasser Obaidan, 1996
Maamme/Vart Land (Our Land)Johan Ludvig Runeberg and Fredrik Pacius, 1867
God Save Our (country name)Panapasa Balekana and Matila Balekana, 1978
La Concorde (The Concord)Georges Aleka Damas, 1960
Inno Nazionale della Repubblica (The National Anthem of the Republic)Federico Consolo, 1894
Aegukga (The Patriotic Song)An Chang-ho and Ahn Eak-tae, 1948
Lofsongur (Hymn)Matthias Jochumsson and Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornsson, 1944
(country name) Bwacu (Our (country name))Jean-Baptiste Ntahokaja, Marc Barengayabo, and others, 1962
(country name) mo te Atua ((country name) for the Almighty)Afaese Manoa, 1978
La Dessalinienne (Song of Dessalines)Justin Lherisson and Nicolas Geffrard, 1904
Caminemos pisando las sendas de nuestra inmensa felicidad (Let Us Tread the Path of Our Immense Happiness)Atanasio Ndongo Miyone and Ramiro Sanchez Lopes, 1968
Himno Istmeno (Hymn of the Isthmus)Jeronimo de la Ossa and Santos Jorge, 1925
Zdravljica (A Toast)France Preseren and Stanko Premrl, 1989
Kde domov muj (Where My Home Is)Josef Kajetan Tyl and Frantisek Skroup, 1918
Himnusz (Hymn)Ferenc Kolcsey and Ferenc Erkel, 1844
Kaba Ma Kyei (Till the End of the World)Saya Tin, 1948
Pheng Xat (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Sisana Sisane and Thongdy Southonevichit, 1947
Isle of Beauty, Isle of SplendourWilfred Oscar Morgan Pond and Lemuel McPherson Christian, 1978
(country name) Bwiema (Song of (country name))Margaret Hendrie and Laurence Henry Hicks, 1968
Majulah (country name) (Onward (country name))Zubir Said, 1965
God Save the QueenHenry Carey and unknown composer, 1745
Une Seule Nuit (One Single Night)Thomas Sankara, 1984
Stand and Sing of (country name), Proud and Freemany authors and Enoch Sontonga, 1964
Oj, svijetla majska zoro (O, Bright Dawn of May)Adopted from a folk song with music by Zarko Mirkovic, 2004
Independencia total (Total Independence)Alda Neves da Graca do Espirito Santo and Manuel dos Santos Barreto de Sousa e Almeida, 1975
La Tchadienne (People of (country name))Louis Gidrol, Pau Villard, and others, 1960
Meda Dau Doka (God Bless (country name))Michael Francis Alexander Prescott and Charles Austin Miles, 1970
Humat ad-Diyar (Guardians of the Homeland)Khalil Mardam Bey, Mohammed Flayfel, an Ahmad Salim Flayfel, 1936
Humat al-Hima (Defenders of the Homeland)Mustafa Sadiq Al-Rai'i, Aboul-Qacem Echebbi, and Mohammed Abdelwahab, 1987
Wodefit Gesgeshi Widd Innat Ityoppya (March Forward, Dear Mother (country name))Dereje Melaku Mengesha and Solomon Lulu Mitiku, 1992
Denes nad Makedonija (Today Over (country name))Vlado Maleski and Todor Skalovski, 1992
Oben am jungen Rhein (Up Above the Young Rhine)Jakob Josef Jauch and unknown composer, 1963
Negaraku (My Country)many authors and Pierre-Jean de Beranger, 1957
Himno Nacional (National Anthem)Francisco Acuna de Figueroa and Francisco Jose Debali, 1848
San Min Chu-i (Three Principles of the People)Sun Yat-sen and Ch'eng Mao-yun, 1937
Ymnos eis tin Eleutherian (Hymn to Liberty)Dionysios Solomos and Nikolaos Mantzaros, 1865
Lupang Hinirang (Chosen Land)Jose Palma and Julian Felipe, 1898
Mer Hayrenik (Our Fatherland)Mikal Nalbandian and Barsegh Kanachyan, 1918
Du gamla, Du fria (Thou Ancient, Thou Free)Richard Dybeck, to the tune of a folk song, 19th century
(country name) Nziza (Beautiful (country name))Faustin Murigo and Jean-Bosco Hashakimana, 2002
Nokor Reach (Royal Kingdom)Samdach Chuon Nat, F. Perruchot, and J. Jekyll, 1941
Amar Shonar Bangla (My Golden Bengal)Rabindranath Tagore, 1972
Gloria al Bravo Pueblo (Glory to the Brave People)Vicente Salias and Juan Jose Landaeta, 1881
National Anthem of (country name)Irving Burgie and C. Van Roland Edwards, 1966
Soroud-e Melli-e Jomhouri-e Eslami-e (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))multiple authors and Hassan Riyahi, 1990
Ko e fasi 'o e tu'i 'o e Otu (country name) (Song of the King of the (country name) Islands)Uelingatoni Ngu Tupoumalohi and Karl Gustavus Schmitt, 1875
Nad Tatrou sa blyska (Lightning Over the Tatras)Janko Matsuka, based on a folk tune, 1918
MotherlandJean Georges Prosper and Philippe Gentil (M.B.E. Esq.), 1968
Esta E a Nossa Patria Bem Amada (This Is Our Beloved Country)Amilcar Cabral and Xiao He, 1974
Phleng Chat (National Song)Luang Saranupraphan and Peter Feit, 1939
Cantico da Liberdade (Song of Freedom)Amilcar Spencer Lopes and Adalberto Higino Tavares Silva, 1996
Forever (country name)Amata Kabua, 1991
Surudi Milli (National Anthem)Gulnazar Keldi and Suleiman Yudakov, 1991
Kimigayo (His Majesty's Reign)Traditional Waka poem published in 905, Yoshiisa Oku, and Akimori Hayashi, 1999
Qolobaa CalankeedAbdullahi Qarshe, 2012
Aegukka (The Patriotic Song)Pak Seyong and Kim Won'gyun, 1947
Himno Nacional de (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Juan Jose Canas and Juan Aberle, 1879
El Gran Carlemany (The Great Charlemagne)Enric Marfany Bons and Juan Benlloch y Vivo, 1914
(country name) Raya (Great (country name))Wage Rudolf Supratman, 1945
Fatshe leno la rona (Blessed Be This Noble Land)Kgalemang Tumedisco Motsete, 1966
All Hail, (country name), Hail!Daniel Bashiel Warner and Olmstead Luca, 1847
O'zbekiston Respublikasining Davlat Madhiyasi (National Anthem of the Republic of (country name))Abdulla Aripov and Mutal Burhanov, 1991
La Congolaise (The Congolese)Jacques Tondra, Georges Kibanghi, Jean Royer, and Joseph Spadiliere, 1959
Bilady, Bilady, Bilady (My Country, My Country, My Country)Mohamed Younis Al-Qady, Mustafa Kamil, and Sayed Darwish, 1979
Mili Surud (National Anthem)Abdul Bari Jahani and Babrak Wassa, 2006
God zij met ons (country name) (God Be With Our (country name))Cornelis Atses Hoekstra, Henry de Ziel, and Johannes Corstianus de Puy, 1959
(country name), Land of the BraveAxali Doeseb, 1991
Himno Nacional (National Anthem)Emilio Prud'Homme and Jose Rufino Reyes y Siancas, 1934
Fida'i (My Country)Said Al Muzayin and Ali Ismael, 1996
Pour l'Afrique et pour toi, (country name) (For Africa and For You, (country name))Seydou Badian Kouyate and Banzumana Sissoko, 1962
Limba noastra (Our Language)Alexei Mateevici and Alexandru Cristea, 1994
Druk tsendhen (The Thunder Dragon Kingdom)Dasho Gyaldun Thinley and Aku Tongmi, 1953
Teirake Kaini (country name) (Stand Up, (country name))Urium Tamuera Ioteba, 1979
Mongol ulsiin toriin duulal (National Anthem of (country name))Tsendiin Damdinsuren, Bilegiin Damdnsuren, and Luvsanjambyn Mordorj, 1950
Simudzai Muraza (country name) (O Lift High the Banner of (country name))Solomon Mutswairo and Fred Changundega, 1994
Ishy Biladi (Long Live my Homeland)Arif Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan and Saad Abdel Wahab, 1971
Ja, vi elsker dette landet (Yes, We Love This Country)Bjornstjerne Bjornson and Rikard Nordraak, 1864
Ons Heemecht (Our Homeland)Michel Lentz and Jean Antoine Zinnen, 1895
Tautiska giesme (National Song)Vincas Kudirka, 1919
Arise, O CompatriotsJohn A. Ilechukwu, Eme Etim Akpan, B.A. Ogunnaike, Sotu Omigui, P.O. Aderibighe, and B.E. Odiase, 1978
L'Abidjanaise (Song of Abidjan)Mathieu Ekra, Joachim Bony, Pierre Marie Coty, and Pierre Michel Pango, 1960
Himno Nacional (nationality) ((nationality) National Anthem)Francisco Gonzalez Bocanegra and Jaime Nuno, 1854
Fair (country name), We Salute TheeNovelle Hamilton Richards and Walter Garnet Picart Chambers, 1981
O (country name), Berceau de nos Ancetres (O (country name), Cradle of Our Forefathers)Rene Djam Afame, Samuel Minkio Bamba, Moise Nyatte Nko'o (all French), and Dr. Benard Nsokika Fonlon (English), 1957
Himno Nacional de (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Jose Maria Zeledon Brenes and Manuel Maria Gutierrez, 1853
God Defend (country name)Thomas Bracken (English), Thomas H. Smith (Maori), and John Joseph Woods, 1940
Lied der Deutschen (Song of the (nationality))August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben and Joseph Haydn, 1922
Himno Nacional de (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Eusebio Lillo and Ramon Carnicer, 1828
Himno Nacional de (country name) (National Anthem of (country name))Augusto Constancio Coello and Carlos Hartling, 1915
Hymne Monegasque ((nationality) Anthem)Louis Notari and Charles Albrecht, 1848
Ymnos eis tin Eleutherian (Hymn to Liberty)Dionysios Solomos and Nikolaos Mantzaros, 1960
Mu isamaa, mu onn ja room (My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy)Johann Voldemar Jannsen and Fredrik Pacius, 1920
National Anthem of (country name)Enoch Sontonga, C.J. Langenhoven, and Marthinus Lourens de Villiers, 1997
Land of the FreeSamuel Alfred Haynes and Selwyn Walford Young, 1981
L-Innu Malti (The (nationality) Hymn)Dun Karm Psaila and Robert Samut, 1964
Belau rekid (Our (country name))multiple authors and Ymesi O. Ezekiel, 1980
Shche ne vmerla (country name) ((country name)'s Glory Has Not Perished)Pavlo Chubynsky and Mykhaylo Verbytsky, 1917
L'Aube Nouvelle (The Dawn of the New Day)Gilbert Jean Dagnon, 1960
Patria Amada (Lovely Homeland)Salomao J. Manhica and unknown composer, 2002
(nationality), Republica o Muerte ((nationality), the Repubic or Death)Francisco Acuna de Figueroa and Francisco Jose Debali, 1933
Hino Nacional (nationality) ((nationality) National Anthem)Joaquim Osorio Duque Estrada and Francisco Manuel de Silva, 1822
Marche Pontificale (Pontifical Anthem and March)Antonio Allegra and Charles Gounod, 1949
Schweizerpslam ((nationality) Pslam)Leonhard Widmer (German), Charles Chatelanat (French), Camillo Valsangiacomo (Italian), Flurin Camathias (Romansch), and Alberich Zwyssig, 1961
O Land of BeautyKenrick Georges, 1983
Garassyz, Bitarap (country name) Dowlet Gimni (Independent, Neutral, (country name) State Anthem)many authors and Veli Mukhatov, 2008
Nashid as-Salaam as-Sultani (National Anthem of (country name))Rashid bin Uzayyiz Al Khusaidi, James Frederick Mills, and Bernard Ebbinghaus, 1932
Lijepa nasa domovino (Our Beautiful Homeland)Antun Mihanovic and Josip Runjanin, 1972

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