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Leading Civil War general who loved to drink and smoke
Fought as a general in New Orleans
Almost booted out for lying to congress
Dreamed of a 'United Nations' during World War I
Often forgotten who oversaw California's addition to the Union
Millionaire who is blamed for the Great Depression
Had 80 suits in his White House wardrobe
First president to be impeached
General whose White House wars included fighting segregation and communism
Only batchelor president and rumored to be homosexual
Skinny dipped in the Potomac River
Only Hollywood star to become president
Hired corrupt friends for government jobs and died of a heart attack while president
Tranquil president who oversaw the Spanish American War
Alcoholic president who lost all three of his sons, not to mention his running mate
Among other things, he scaled the Matterhorn
Only president elected unanimously by electoral college
Fought against Afghanistan and Iraq, but blaimed by many for the economy and other things
First president to attend and graduated from college
Honest, moral president who won a corrupt election
Began fighting for America during the Cold War
Shot in Dallas at the age of 46, but inspired America's youth
Last of the Founding Fathers to serve as President
Died of pneumonia one month after taking oath
Spoke Dutch as a first language
Pardoned Nixon for his crimes
Expanded our nation to the Pacific
Mexican War general who died of cholera during his administration
Only grandson of a president
Praised for civil rights, but blaimed for Vietnam
First African-American president
Speaks very little and often slept rather than govern
President famous for his honesty and serving two non-consecutive terms
Assassinated by a Stalwart
Wrote the Declaration of Indepedence
Smallest president
Father of fifteen children
Elected four times, ended the Great Depression, and guided us throught WWII
Fattest president of them all
Oversaw the Civil War and emancipated slaves
'Read My Lips' led to more new taxes
Almost impeached for illicit acts, but resigned before he was booted out
Initiated the Camp David Accords

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