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DescriptionMember of the Gang
Captain of the Ark
The First Mate of the Ark
Oh My Darlin Clementine
Heavens to Murgatroid
Lives in the swamps of Florida
Hails from 1875 Texas
His Mexican sidekick
How much is this ape in the window
Hurricane Holler
Monkey Companion of Peter
Musketeer Terrapin
Leader of a gang of cats
TC's second-in-command
Dimunitive cat
Doesn't have common sense
Ladies' man cat
Fancy's beatnik cousin
Honor roll puppy
Sounds like Jimmy Durante
Eight arms can come in handy
DescriptionMember of the Gang
Touche's sidekick
Phil Silvers-like wolf
Buddy Hackett-like wolf
It's the Wolf!!!
1/2 of Jinks' nightmare
The other half of the nightmare
Pessimistic hyena
Optimistic lion
Up and atom!
Based on James Bond
Underground dweller from North Africa
Would rather sleep that work
Often nags her husband
Teenage bear
Bear cub with a pop gun
Innocent duckling
Guardian of the Duck
Rufus Ruffcut's beaver
Female southern bear
Hates meeses to peeses

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