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TweetTweeterTweet Date
Got a show to perform, so exit, stage right!2:00 PM January 30, 1961
@Hadji pack your gear, we're going to the Amazon with Race11:00 AM September 18, 1964
Relaxing in my swamp #The Everglades11:00 AM September 3, 1962
@Tom Cat you can't catch me with your traps4:00 PM February 10, 1940
@Elroy Jetson Eep Op Ork Ah Ah means homework time3:00 PM 2525 AD
I still don't get any respect after touring with the Neptunes7:00 PM September 3, 1978
@Papa Smurf I hate tweets; leave me alone!1:00 PM September 12, 1981
@Choo Choo group meeting at my trash can at 4:00; be sharp10:00 AM September 21, 1961
Up and at 'em!9:00 AM October 2, 1965
@Shaggy Rogers Relp!!! Rost Rafter Re! Ret Relma!12:00 AM September 13, 1969
TweetTweeterTweet Date
@Yogi Bear The ranger isn't going to like this12:02 PM June 21, 1958
@Boo Boo Got a hankerin' for some pick-a-nick baskets12:00 PM June 21, 1958
Still hangin' at the pet store, hoping Mr. Peebles gets rid of me1:00 PM September 9, 1963
Hanging out with twelve handsome men, two space teens, and a monkey at the Hall of Justice5:00 PM September 17, 1983
@Zorak I'm coming to kick your butt8:00 PM 7510 AD
@Tinker big race today #Coolsville10:00 AM September 8, 1973
@Peter Perfect I'll let you win the race this time around12:00 PM September 14, 1968
Still lookin' for another job for my resume; Oh My Darlin' Clementine3:00 PM September 29, 1958
@Spot don't interrupt my kung fu skills11:00 AM September 9, 1974
@Barney Rubble Bowling tonight, then brontosaurus ribs08:00 PM 1,000,000 BC

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