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42. Dodgers. Civil Rights.
Ghostbuster. Murray. Scientist.
Clay. Muslim. Boxer.
Archer. District 12. Peeta.
Jewish. Commandments. Exodus.
Russia. Communist. Dictator.
Hamlet. Othello. Macbeth.
Australia. Crocodile. Stingray.
DC. Amazon. Diana.
Talk Show. Dory. Portia.
Marty. Alex. Parkinson's.
Texas. Cowboy. Widowmaker.
Declaration. President. Monticello.
Spain. Painter. Guernica.
Germany. Musician. Deaf
Black. Sue. Arkansas.
PBS. Dinosaur. Purple.
God. Marvel. Thunder
Romania. Vampire. Vlad.
Buddy. Burgundy. Old School.
Henry. Archaeologist. Ford.
British. Time. Daleks.
President. WWI. Fourteen Points.
Telephone. Scottish. Inventor.
Lion. Broderick. Hakuna Matata.
Teenage. Vampire. Twilight.
Dragon. Hong Kong. Martial Art.
Greece. Philosopher. Mathemagician.
France. Saint. Crusader.
Big Stick. Trustbuster. New York.
Clown. Big Mac. Red Hair.
Axel. Donkey. Klump.
Tennessee. Democrat. General.
Hobbit. Ring. Shire.
Chase. Vacation. Roadster.
British. Monarch. Empire.
South Africa. Madiba. President.
Blue. Speedy. Tails.
23. Chicago. Air.
Germany. Dictator. WWII.
Yellow. Ghosts. Maze
Green. Mean. Onions.
Arizona. 2008. Vietnam.
China. Capcom. Officer.
Spain. Zorro. Puss in Boots.
Relativity. Jewish. Scientist.
Beatles. Yoko. Julian.
Italian. Plumber. Red
Puff. Musician. Folk Music.
Dream. Assassination. Preacher.
Rhode Island. Baby. Domination.
China. Communist. Chairman.
Bigot. Colorado. Fat.
Virginia. John Smith. Powhatan.
Canada. Baby. Singer.
Temujin. Mongolia. Warrior.
Virginia. Revolutionary War. President.
British. Wizard. Scar.
Hunchback. France. Notre Dame.
Drums. Chaotic. Chained.
New World. Italian. Santa Maria.
Pineapple. Burger. Yellow.
Dwarves. Princess. Germany.
Illinois. Gettysburg. President.
Marvel. Photographer. Peter.
Thriller. Bad. Neverland.
India. Peaceful. Assassinated.
Disney. Dog. Occupations.
Snowboarding. Winter Olympics. Tomato.
Carrot. Blanc. Elmer.
New Jersey. Chairman. My Way.
Horse. Texas. El Kabong.
New York. Wheelchair. President.
Brazil. Soccer. Nascimento.
Horse. Wilbur. Advice.
Blue. Leader. Alchemy.
Tennessee. Pelvis. Hound Dog.
Massachusetts. President. Assassination.
Cuba. Communist. Cigar.
Elm Street. Fingers. Englund.
Watson. British. Detective.
Shaggy. Mysteries. Snacks.
Robot. Daniels. Gold.
Poland. Pope. Saint.
President. Actor. Alzheimers.
Fool. Mohawk. Baracus.
Miracles. Nazareth. Crucified.
President. General. WWII.
Verona. Capulet. Balcony.
Austria. California. Bodybuilder.
Nintendo. Zelda. Hyrule.
Inventor. Mona Lisa. Last Supper.
British. World Traveler. Passepartout.
Springfield. Duff. Doughnuts.
Blue. Pony. Tomboy.
Iraq. Ba'ath. Kuwait.
Airplane. Wilbur. Dayton.
Philantropist. Seattle. Microsoft.
Iowa. Enterprise. Shatner.
Netherlands. Jewish. Diary

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