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Soviet agent who dons a suit of red armorComics
Nikolai Krylenko of the Soviet Super SoldiersComics
Armored member of the Justice League InternationalComics
Fantastic Four foe with three apesComics
Sister of ColossusComics
Bearded wrestler who wrestles bears for funVideo Games
Russia's answer to Captain AmericaComics
Son of the Hulk's first foeComics
Enemy of the X-Men with carbonadium appendagesComics
Brother of Colossus and MagikComics
Enemy of Spider-Man and brother of Kraven the HunterComics
Russian member of the Global Guardians and Teen TitansComics
Enemy of BatmanComics
Russian god of thunderFolklore and Comics
Spider-Man foe obsessed with preyComics
Father of Darkstar and VanguardComics
Metal skinned member of the X-MenComics
James Bond villain from The World is Not EnoughMovies
One of James Bond's worst enemiesMovies
Token female member of the Supreme SovietsComics
Laynia Petrovna of the Soviet Super-SoldiersComics
Gregori Larionov, enemy of Rom and HulkComics
The Hulk's first foeComics
Female KGB agent from The Spy Who Loved MeMovies
Russian physician and poetMovies and Literature
World Heroes character who loves karaokeVideo Games
Soviet Super Soldier who can turn himself into a bearComics
Natasha Romanova of the AvengersComics

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