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Member of the Super FriendsTelevision
Lunatic who works for GeeseVideo Games
Girlfriend of AndyVideo Games
Samurai girl with pet hawkVideo Games
Enemy of Wolverine and member of the ReaversComics
Heroic man dressed as a skeletonVideo Games
Blue clad ninja who is Fuuma's rivalVideo Games
Cyberninja who is a staple in the Tekken gamesVideo Games
High school ninja with sharp knivesVideo Games
Former member of the X-MenComics
Kyo wannabe and later teammateVideo Games
Formerly girlfriend of WolverineComics
Son of Heihachi and protagonist of the Tekken seriesVideo Games
Hero from Star GladiatorVideo Games
Master of the Baijiquan martial artVideo Games
Yellow clad ninja with a harpooned spearVideo Games
Father of Ryo and YuriVideo Games
Ninja from the Virtua Fighter gamesVideo Games
Mega Man X's right-hand manVideo Games
Pink-haired rival of HaohmaruVideo Games
Schoolgirl who idolizes RyuVideo Games
Art of Fighting's main heroVideo Games
Enemy of Daredevil and WolverineComics
Half-brother of KazuyaVideo Games
Yellow electric PokemonVideo Games and Television
Master sumo wrestlerVideo Games
Theater-obsessed samuraiVideo Games
Misty Knight's best friendComics
Terry and Andy's Muay Thai palVideo Games
Japanese member of the OutsidersComics
Ally of Wolverine and StormComics
Futuristic ninja and a classic Capcom characterVideo Games
Member of the MLFComics
Silent, blue-haired samuraiVideo Games
Black clad ninja from Samurai Shodown seriesVideo Games
Master of Ryu and Ken who was murdered by AkumaVideo Games
Japanese member of the Justice League InternationalComics
Red clad rival of HanzouVideo Games
Sister of RyoVideo Games
Protagonist of the Samurai Shodown seriesVideo Games
Leader of the Sailor ScoutsTelevision
Controls the machine BlodiaVideo Games
Red hairbanded protagonist of Street FighterVideo Games
Father of Kazuya and president of a corporationVideo Games
Son of Kazuya and grandson of HeihachiVideo Games
Drives the Mach-5 carTelevision
His goal is to catch every PokemonVideo Games and Television
Heihachi's pet bearVideo Games
Eternal rival of KyoVideo Games
Robotic boy heroTelevision
King of Fighter's first main heroVideo Games
Pal of Kyo and Benimaru with earthquake powersVideo Games
Rat who serves as teacher to the Ninja TurtlesTelevision
Japanese member of the Global GuardiansComics
Red-haired murderer of M. Bison and GoukenVideo Games
Cousin of JinVideo Games
Heroic boy clad in blue armorVideo Games
Purple haired leader of the Psycho Soldiers TeamVideo Games
Kyo's lightning-based palVideo Games
Member of the Orochi TeamVideo Games
Main enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTelevision

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