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Ally of DaredevilComics
Greek god of warMythology and Comics
Enemy of Green ArrowComics
Nephew of HerculesMythology
Stan Smith's bullyTelevision
Member of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil MutantsComics
Greek poet created by a CanadianLiterature
Messenger of the Greek godsMythology and Comics
Friend of Wonder WomanComics
Queen of the Greek godsMythology and Comics
Enemy of Spider-ManComics
Sister of SophitiaVideo Games
Enemy of Wonder WomanComics
Soul Calibur character blessed by the godsVideo Games
God of WarVideo Games
Ally of Wonder Woman and daughter of CirceComics
Enemy of Iron Man with a golden touchComics
Olympian demigod and member of the AvengersMythology, Comics, and Movies
Most famous female member of the Justice LeagueComics
Greek god of lightMythology and Comics
Crime underboss with many aliasesTelevision
Had a Big Fat Greek WeddingMovies
Member of the Global Guardians and Justice League InternationalComics
Warrior PrincessTelevision

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