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Joe Chapman is the latest man to wear this personaComics
Please, sir, can I have some more?Literature and Movies
Financial rival of Iron ManComics
Male AvengerTelevision and Movies
Suffers a split personalityLiterature
Demonic barberMovies
Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy; who encounter NarniaLiterature and Movies
Female AvengerTelevision and Movies
Captain America and Iron Man's butlerComics
Also known as Agent 007Movies
British agent known as Double Oh, BehaveMovies
She and her brothers visited NeverlandLiterature and Movies
Bah, Humbug!Literature
Travels to Treasure Island with piratesLiterature
Geese Howard's right hand manVideo Games
Blonde headed boxerVideo Games
One of DC's mystic detectivesComics
British member of the Global Guardians and the Justice LeagueComics
Enemy of the Justice SocietyComics
Can change his appearanceComics
X-Men member and sister of Captain BritainComics
Brilliant detectiveLiterature and Movies
Encounters a white rabbit and a mad queenLiterature and Movies
Wacky inventor and his dogTelevision
Least favorite teacher of Harry PotterLiterature and Movies
Robs from the rich to give to the poorLiterature and Movies
Major female ally of Harry PotterLiterature and Movies
Travels around the world in less than 80 daysLiterature
Believes in never growing upLiterature and Movies
Encounters small peopleLiterature
Rowan Atkinson's beloved characterTelevision
Lives in the 100 Acre WoodLiterature and Movies
Groundskeeper of HogwartsLiterature and Movies
Gentleman-like boxerVideo Games
God bless us, everyoneLiterature
Accursed werewolf
Headmaster of Hogwarts, now deceasedLiterature and Movies
Harry Potter's right-hand manLiterature and Movies
Former Generation X studentComics
Most famous Pirate of the CaribbeanMovies
Ghost of Scrooge's business partnerLiterature
Marvel UK's mightiest heroComics
Member of the Justice League EliteComics
Attractive star of Tomb RaiderVideo Games
Nemesis of Sherlock HolmesLiterature
Member of the Brotherhood of Evil MutantsComics
Runs a Chocolate Factory with Oompa LoompasLiterature and Movies
Batman's butlerComics
Enemy of the Doom Patrol and Teen TitansComics
Hated by Big Brother and his followersLiterature
Enemy of Harry Potter and leading Slytherin studentLiterature and Movies
British Street Fighter galVideo Games
Famous boy wizard loved by people worldwideLiterature and Movies
Enemy of HawkmanComics
Pirate who employs Jim HawkinsLiterature

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