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Girlfriend of Ryan on the OCTelevision
Miguel Santos of the West Coast AvengersComics
Sidekick of Wolverine and later a vampireComics
Hippe enemy of DaredevilComics
Founding member of the RunawaysComics
Film critic and enemy of Spider-Woman and Werewolf by NightComics
Ally of the EternalsComics
Yakko, Wakko, and DotTelevision
Lorna Dane, member of the X-MenComics
Nico Minoru of the RunawaysComics
Kyle Rayner, Green LanternComics
Friend of Seth, Marissa, and SummerTelevision
Enemy of the West Coast Avengers and GodzillaComics
Bill Foster, ally of the Avengers and former Black GoliathComics
Boxer and rival of RockyMovies
Cyborg member of the RunawaysComics
Jack Webb played this Dragnet copTelevision
Heroine formerly known as Spider-WomanComics
Father of Moondragon and ally of Adam WarlockComics
Former love interest of the HulkComics
Time-traveling friend of Doc BrownMovies
Game-obsessed enemy of the X-Men and Spider-ManComics
Darren Bentley of the Zodiac CartelComics
Scientist and leader of the Fantastic FourComics
Quentin Beck, enemy of Spider-ManComics
Greg Sanders of the Seven Soldiers of VictoryComics
Marvel villain who was the first to be killed by ScourgeComics
Jewish OC characterTelevision
Angelo Espinosa of Generation XComics
Buzz Baxter, ex-husband of HellcatComics
Member of the Masters of Evil and ThunderboltsComics
Member of the Avengers and Infinity WatchComics
Masked avenger of early CaliforniaFolklore
The TerminatorMovies
Gertrude Yorkes of the RunawaysComics
Psychopath who lives with his motherMovies
Molly Hayes of the RunawaysComics
Clint Eastwood played this copMovies
Marvel monster made of clayComics
Girlfriend of SethTelevision
Sidekick of Blue DevlComics
Scientist neighbor of Marty McFlyMovies
Leader of the Death-ThrowsComics
1900s obsessed Marvel villainComics
Jennifer Walters of the Avengers and Fantastic FourComics
Capcom's favorite attorneyVideo Games
Member of the Avengers and wife of HawkeyeComics
Hal Jordan wears a magic ringComics
Cliff Secord, pulp superheroMovies
Supernatural detective from the DC UniverseComics
Government agent who fights against SINVideo Games
Member of the Great Lake Avengers with squirrels for petsComics
Chase Stein of the RunawaysComics
Pink-haired friend of HugoVideo Games
John Henry Irons, ally of SupermanComics
Kiefer Sutherland's character from 24Television
Daniel Radford of the Zodiac CartelComics
Twin enemies of Spider-Man and Iron ManComics
Anchorman played by Will FerrellMovies
Red clad karate master and friend of RyuVideo Games

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