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Love interest/former enemy of BatmanComics
Ren and Stimpy's heroTelevision
Member of the New WarriorsComics
Nathaniel Adam of the Justice LeagueComics
Womanizing mayor of SpringfieldTelevision
Daniel Ketch, ally of Johnny BlazeComics
Sidekick of Blue Devil and member of the Teen TitansComics
Jaime Reyes, third person to wield a long-running DC identityComics
Archenemy of QuasimodoLiterature and Movies
Vietnamese member of the New MutantsComics
Yolanda Montez of Infinity Inc.Comics
Nick Fury's right-hand manComics
Daniel Cassidy of the Justice LeagueComics
Ally of Batman and member of the Justice LeagueComics
Brazilian member of the Global Guardians and Justice LeagueComics
French Canadian member of the Suicide Squad and enemy of FirestormComics
Enemy of Captain America who hails from TexasComics
Springfield's top mobsterTelevision
Catwoman who fights in Las VegasVideo Games
Ireland's premier super-hero in the Marvel UniverseComics
Spain's premier superheroComics
Father of a famous Rhode Island familyTelevision
Bellringer of Notre DameLiterature and Movies
Best friend of Kyle, Kenny, and CartmanTelevision
Channel Ocho's biggest celebrityTelevision
German member of the X-MenComics
Famous father who became Catholic for a whileTelevision
Agent of Shadowloo from SpainVideo Games
Spanish member of the HellionsComics
Member of the New Warriors and girlfriend of JusticeComics
England's favorite clergymanTelevision
Marries Romeo and Juliet in secretLiterature
Irish member of the Global GuardiansComics
Ally of Cable and member of the X-ForceComics
Famous son who became Catholic for a whileTelevision
Brazilian member of the X-ForceComics
Cajun member of the X-MenComics
Ally of Robin HoodLiterature and Movies
Masked avenger of early CaliforniaFolklore
Father of StanTelevision
Irish member of the X-MenComics
One of the pilgrims of the Canterbury TalesLiterature
Latina member of the Rangers and AvengersComics
Blind member of the Justice SocietyComics
French Canadian member of Alpha Flight and X-MenComics
Gay Latino member of the AvengersComics
Irish daughter of an X-Men and member of X-ForceComics
Jacques Foccart of the Legion of Super HeroesComics
Son of Green Lantern and member of Infinity Inc and Justice SocietyComics
Frank Castle of the Marvel KnightsComics
Protoge of Johnny ThunderComics
70s Horror Hero who deals with demonsComics
Runs the South Park Catholic ChurchTelevision
Wife of Guardian and member of Alpha FlightComics
Ally of Superman who is LatinoComics
French children's friar who is 'always sleeping'Music
Ms. Frizzle's student who hails from an 'old school'Literature and Television
Partner of CloakComics
Blind lawyer/superheroComics
Member of the Suicide Squad and ally of Captain AtomComics
Mexican wrestler who wears a jaguar maskVideo Games
Mexican member of the SuperfriendsTelevision and Comics
Taught the Von Trapp children to singMovies
French Canadian member of Alpha Flight and sister of NorthstarComics

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