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Former girlfriend of Madison JeffriesComics
Adrian Corbo, former member of Alpha FlightComics
Roger Bochs wore this armorComics
Kyle Gibney, former Alpha Flight memberComics
Bernie Lechenay, former member of Alpha FlightComics
Daughter of ShamanComics
Louis Sadler Jr., former Alpha Flight memberComics
Enemy of StarmanComics
Native American Alpha Flight founderComics
Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas played these two comical brothersTelevision
Merged with a bear to save his brotherMovies
Enemy of FirestormComics
Wade Wilson, ally of Wolverine and CableComics
Favorite Cartoon of the South Park BoysTelevision
A member of the Plodex alien raceComics
Amelia Weatherly, former Alpha Flight memberComics
Tough wrestler of Native American descentVideo Games
She lived in Green Gables and AvonleaLiterature and Television
Jared Corbo, former member of Alpha FlightComics
Talkative baby bear cubMovies
Hero from the far future who is an important member of the Justice League InternationalComics
One of the stars of Mobile Suit GundamTelevision
Inuit who joined Alpha Flight and is now a former memberComics
Wife of Alpha Flight founderComics
Leader of Alpha Flight, who died many timesComics
Plays for the Sex Bob-ombsLiterature
Well-known member of the X-MenComics
Midget member of Alpha FlightComics
A goddess who can alter her appearance into any animalComics
Wolverine's arch-nemesisComics
On Cheers, he married CarlaTelevision
Hairy member of Alpha FlightComics
French Canadian girl who helped found Alpha FlightComics
Arch-enemy of Dudley Do-RightTelevision
French Canandian boy who helped found Alpha FlightComics
Wacky mountie friend of Rocky and BullwinkleTelevision
He used to don the Box armorComics
Rutherford B. Princeton III, former Alpha Flight memberComics

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