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Brother of Oddball (Nevada)Comics
Detective of Chinese descent (Hawaii)Movies
Hamilton Slade of the Rangers (Nevada)Comics
Native American inmate and mental patient (Oregon)Literature and Movies
Owner of a diner in Phoenix (Arizona)Television
Springfield's favorite comedian (Oregon)Television
Trouble-making ten-year-old (Oregon)Television
Jaime Madrox of X-Factor (New Mexico)Comics
Enemy of Werewolf by Night (Nevada)Comics
Native American enemy of Spider-Man (New Mexico)Comics
Silas King, enemy of Captain America (Nevada)Comics
Lemurian enemy of the Sub-Mariner (Hawaii)Comics
Psychiatrist who used to go to Cheers Bar (Washington)Television
Enemy of the Avengers and friend of Nekra (New Mexico)Comics
Sidekick of Hercules (Arizona)Comics
Brother of Frasier (Washington)Television
Father of Homer (Oregon)Television
Father of Frasier and Niles (Washington)Television
Attractive, blue-haired catwoman (Nevada)Video Games
Archer member of the Justice League (Washington)Comics
Little penguin who loves pancakes (Alaska)Television
Enemy of the Blackhawks (Hawaii)Comics
Captain of the Minnow (Hawaii)Television
Teenage girl member of the Thunderbolts (Arizona)Comics
Member of Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil (Arizona)Comics
DC cowboy marred to Madame .44 (Arizona)Comics
Master Shake, Meatwad, and Frywad (Washington)Television
Wife of Homer and mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (Oregon)Television
Enemy of Batman obsessed with plants (Washington)Comics
Captain America ally of Navaho descent (New Mexico)Comics
Stupid television dad (Oregon)Television
Younger brother of Cyclops (Alaska)Comics
Defenders foe who turned Magneto into a baby (New Mexico)Comics
Ally of Captain America (Arizona)Comics
Johnny Horton, enemy of the Avengers (Washington)Comics
Satyr-like ally of the Hulk (New Mexico)Comics
Orphan who lives with his grandparents (Washington)Television
Ally of Darkhawk (New Mexico)Comics
Latina member of the Avengers and the Rangers (New Mexico)Comics
Advisor ally of Spider-Man (Oregon)Comics
Longtime sidekick of the Hulk (Arizona)Comics
Ellen Burstyn played this waitress (Arizona)Television
Native American hero with a crossbow (Arizona)Comics
Cat and mouse cartoon duo (Oregon)Television
Mental patient played by Jack Nicholson (Oregon)Literature and Movies
Enemy of the Avengers and friend of Mandrill (New Mexico)Comics
Politically-minded daughter of Homer and Marge (Oregon)Television
Deceased member of the X-Men (Arizona)Comics
Inuit sidekick of the Green Lantern (Alaska)Comics
First mate of Gilligan (Hawaii)Television
Elton Healy of the Death-Throws (Nevada)Comics
Teenage vampire (Washington)Movies
Violent boxer who works for M. Bison (Nevada)Video Games
Baby daughter of Homer and Marge (Oregon)Television
Girlfriend of the Green Arrow (Washington)Comics

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