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Love interest of Swamp Thing (West Virginia)Comics
Jim Nabor's well-known character (North Carolina)Television
Buford Hollis, ally of Spider-Man and She-Hulk (Arkansas)Comics
Mother of the Power Pack (Georgia)Comics
Cousin of Bo (Georgia)Television
Gordon Frawley of the Serpent Squad (Georgia)Comics
Ron Howard played this lovable kid (North Carolina)Television
Jim Varney's alter-ego (Kentucky)Television and Movies
Lawyer and father of Jem and Scout (Alabama)Literature and Movies
Jack Power, age 8 (Virginia)Comics
Alton Vibereaux, enemy of Iron Man (Louisiana)Comics
Julie Power, age 9 (Virginia)Comics
Monica Rambeau of the Avengers (Louisiana)Comics
Alien who usually breaks the fourth wall (Virginia)Television
Steel-driving man (West Virginia)Folklore
Alex Power, age 11 (Virginia)Comics
Enemy of the Ghost Rider (West Virginia)Comics
Life is like a box of chocolates (Alabama)Movies
Simon Garth, a Marvel monster (Alabama)Comics
Agent of SHIELD and love interest of Captain America (Virginia)Comics
Starr Saxon, a former Mister Fear (Tennessee)Comics
Cousin of Luke (Georgia)Television
DC Comics' murkiest hero (Louisiana)Comics
Don Knotts played Andy Griffith's right hand man (North Carolina)Television
Liberal daughter of Stan and Francine (Virginia)Teleivision
Aunt of Andy Taylor (North CarolinaTelevision
Tabitha Smith of X-Force (Virginia)Comics
Springfield's best physician (Alabama)Television
George Lindsey's well-known character (North Carolina)Television
Poverty-stricken family with moral values (Virginia)Television
Burchell Clemens of the Serpent Society (Alabama)Comics
Member of the Alliance of Evil (Georgia)Comics
Waylon Jones, enemy of Batman (Louisiana)Comics
Alligator who resides at a zoo (Louisiana)Television
Grotesque-looking member of the Defenders (Virginia)Comics
Main character of the Andy Griffith Show (North Carolina)Television
X-Men member who can absorb powers (Mississippi)Comics
Clark Gable played this Southern gentleman (South Carolina)Literature and Movies
Katie Power, age 6 (Virginia)Comics
Scientist father of the Power Pack (Virginia)Comics
Teacher of four foul-mouthed boys (Arkansas)Television
Son of Donna Tubbs with an attitude (Virginia)Television
Blue dog with many occupations (Tennessee)Television
Nerdy son of Stan and Francine (Virginia)Television
Card-throwing member of the X-Men (Louisiana)Comics
Simon Maddicks, Marvel villain (Virginia)Comics
Non-Galadorian friend of Rom (West Virginia)Comics
Disney's first African American princess (Louisiana)Movies
Captain America lookalike (Georgia)Comics
CIA Agent and Peter Griffin's Republican counterpart (Virginia)Television
Enemy of Captain America and Machine Man (North Carolina)Comics
Wife of Stan (Virginia)Television
Sam Guthrie of the New Mutants and X-Men (Kentucky)Comics
Female member of the Circus of Crime (South Carolina)Comics
Vivien Leigh played this southern belle (Georgia)Literature and Movies
Hal Smith's lovable town drunk character (North Carolina)Television
Troublemaking wildman played by Howard Morris (North Carolina)Television
Anthony Power, enemy of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America (Virginia)Comics
Childlike friend of Hank Hill (Louisiana)Television
Southern member of the Howling Commandos (Kentucky)Comics
Current wife of Cleveland Brown (Virginia)Television
Bear friend of Cleveland (Virginia)Television
Voletta Todd, enemy of Machine Man (Georgia)Comics

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