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Spider-Man foe who was also known as Venom for a whileComics
Johnny Storm of the Fantastic FourComics
Kletus Cassady, enemy of Spider-ManComics
Co-editor of the Daily BugleComics
Ed Lansky, enemy of Spider-ManComics
Robert Reynolds, former member of the AvengersComics
Became the second Ghost Rider after John Blaze retiredComics
Also called the Meteor ManComics
David Fortunov, semi-retired crimefighterComics
Face it, Tiger...you've just hit the jackpotComics
Also called Power ManComics
Son of Spider-Man foe LeapfrogComics
Enemy of the Avengers and ally of MoonstoneComics
Aunt of Peter ParkerComics
Martyred girlfriend of Peter ParkerComics
Tough soldier and wrestlerVideo Games
Avengers villain who can mimic anyone's super-powerComics
Female member of Earth ForceComics
Food-loving womanizer of Italian descentTelevision
Sarah Jessica Parker's best known characterTelevision
Jeff Mace was this Golden Age HeroComics
Hobie Brown, ally/enemy of Spider-ManComics
Helped founded and led the New WarriorsComics
NYPD ally of Spider-ManComics
Son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible WomanComics
Martyred uncle of Peter ParkerComics
Punisher's right hand manComics
One-eyed girl who is friends with Fry and BenderTelevision
Red Muppet who refers himself in the third personTelevision
Guido Carosella of X-Factor fameComics
She is married to RossTelevision
Ex-girlfriend of Jerry SeinfeldTelevision
Member of the Serpent Squad who was murdered by ScourgeComics
Friend of Peter Parker who became a Green GoblinComics
Tall, yellow, and friendly resident of Sesame StreetTelevision
He's married to MonicaTelevision
Wannabe rival of Ken MastersVideo Games
Albino Spider-Man foeComics
Sue Richards of the Fantastic FourComics
Green monster hermit who lives in a trash canTelevision
Herman Schultz, enemy of Spider-ManComics
Luke Cage's longtime friendComics
Also known as Schemer and RoseComics
Tilda Johnson, enemy of Captain AmericaComics
Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and MichelangeloComics and Television
Strong member of the Earth ForceComics
Armor-clad member of the AvengersComics
Also known as Phoenix and Marvel GirlComics
Spider-Man enemy with four metalic armsComics
Electric foe of Spider-ManComics
Clone of Professor Miles WarrenComics
A futuristic version of Marvel's favorite gunsmanComics
Robot who acts like Homer SimpsonTelevision
Unemployed friend of Jerry SeinfeldTelevision
MC2's most popular super heroineComics
Cassandra Webb, ally of Spider-ManComics
Cornelius Van Lunt of the ZodiacComics
Fights against the Martian MastersComics
Once became a HobgoblinComics
Native American enemy of FirestormComics
Son of Whizzer and Ms. AmericaComics
Daredevil foe once known as the ExterminatorComics
Often became a Man-WolfComics
Kim Cattral plays this attractive womanTelevision
Seinfeld's favorite postmanTelevision
New Warrior and on-and-off again boyfriend of FirestarComics
Owen Reese, enemy of the Fantastic FourComics
Spider-Man and Daredevil foe who wears a size-changing suit of armorComics
Clone of Spider-Man, also known as Scarlet SpiderComics
Black and white silent catTelevision
Spider-Man enemy with a golden skinComics
X-Man who can freeze anythingComics
Agent of SHIELD and a former WWII sergeantComics
Spider-Man villain who can fly with his wingsComics
He was an android created by Phineas T. HortonComics
Ebeneezer Laughin, enemy of Captain America and Iron ManComics
College professor and brother of MonicaTelevision
Cat-like member of the X-ForceComics
Shield-wielding leader of the AvengersComics
Main character from the Godfather seriesMovies
Telepath who leads the X-MenComics
Mayor of Metro City and friend of Guy and CodyVideo Games
The Fantastic Four's favorite mailmanComics
Felicia Hardy, ally of Spider-ManComics
Vigilante doctor ally/enemy of Spider-ManComics
And then there's...Television
Obese enemy of Spider-Man and DaredevilComics
Daily Bugle employee and ally of Spider-Man and DaredevilComics
Captain America's high flying sidekickComics
Based on the comedian of the same nameTelevision
J.D. Salinger's most famous protagonistLiterature
African-American Agent of SHIELDComics
A future version of everyone's favorite web-slingerComics
X-Men member who can fly with his wingsComics
1920s playboy who likes to partyLiterature
Blonde-headed member of the Wrecking CrewComics
Ichabod Crane is afraid of this spiritLiterature
X-Men member who can sing and light up the stageComics
Loves to eat Kung Pao chickenTelevision
Enemy of Hank Pym and a scientific geniusComics
Travels via rainbowComics
Spider-Man's enemy who turns his body into sandComics
Leader of the EnforcersComics
1950s Captain AmericaComics
Enemy of Moon Knight who induces nightmaresComics
Member of the current Guardians of the GalaxyComics
Roderick Kingsley, enemy of Spider-ManComics
What's Up, Doc?Television
Wrote the Smelly Cat songTelevision
Blind attorney and crimefighterComics
20th century man who meets a cyclops and a robotTelevision
This Spider-Man villain is obsessed with waterComics
Richard Rider of the New WarriorsComics
Chef and sister of RossTelevision
High school rival of Spider-ManComics
Enemy of DaredevilComics
Owner and editor of the Daily BugleComics
Ally of Dazzler and the AvengersComics
Professor Miles Warren became this Spider-Man foeComics
This crimefighter is Marvel's well-known heroComics
Marvel's favorite gunsmanComics
Criminal doctor who empowered super villainsComics
It's clobberin' time!Comics
This Earth Force member can flyComics

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